Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Road to California Quilt Block and Road Trip Munchies

Road to California Quilt Block
aka Wild Goose Chase, Stepping Stones, and Crossroads

I found the pattern for this Road to California quilt block in the book Egg Money Quilts by Eleanor Burns.  This block is also known as Flying Geese, Wild Goose Chase, Stepping Stones, and Crossroads.  I am sorry that I could not find a free link to this pattern online.  Hopefully, your local library will have this book if you're interested in making this block.        

In the Quilters' Book Club this month, we're reading The Goodbye Quilt by Susan Wiggs.  In the book, mother and daughter Linda and Molly Davis take a road trip together from their home in Wyoming to Molly's college back East.  
If you'd like to make a quilt to represent this trip that Linda and Molly take, check out this Leaving Home Quilt Block.

1.  What snacks do you like to take on a road trip?
2.  Do you listen to music or books on tape?
3.  Are there fun restaurants or other sites you like to stop at along the way?

Inquiring minds want to know!  Answer in the comment section below.  If you are reading via email, you must first click on the blog title to be able to comment and read the comments of others.  

By commenting, you are entering your name in a give-away for a copy of The Double Wedding Ring by Clare O'Donohue, courtesy of Plume Books.  There will be two lucky winners this month!

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  1. Hi! We usually pack dried fruits, nuts, trail mixes, chex mixes and that sort of stuff to snack on. We either make musical playlists of classic rock, country or new hits. Sometimes we will do a book on cd. When we do it's usually a classic they kids aren't familiar with :) If we make any stops, usuallly to state hidden parks or antique stores along the way!

  2. We snack on pretzels. My DH told me a long time ago it helped his stay awake when he felt groggy and I thought he was kidding. I don't know how or why, but it actually works. We talk, but always have Radio Disney on in the background (for our DD). We don't usually stop along the way ...

  3. When we took road trips with our sons, I would look for books on tape that were set in the locations we were travelling through. I'll never forget sitting in our car in the parking lot of the Mark Twain Cave in Hannibal, Missouri, listening to the end of Tom Sawyer. When we toured the cave, we knew way more about the book than our guide did!

  4. Snacks are grapes as they aren't messy but they quench the thirst! This was my grandmother told me when we traveled with our boys. If I were by myself, I would listen to autobooks. My hubby listens to talk radio. I love to stop in Amish country.

  5. Grapes and Oat Squares cereal are good snacks. Granola bars are good, too. I like books on tape when I'm driving alone. If i'm with others and I'm the driver, I try to find classical music on a public radio station.

  6. We usually pack fruit, nuts & popcorn.
    We listen to the 50's oldies on Serius music.
    Our stops depend on which way we're headed. If we are headed to California, we always stop in Amarillo at the Texas Steak House, the next "must stop" is In N Out Burgers in Kingman Arizona.

  7. My choice of snacks (on or off the road ) is nuts and dried fruit.
    I used to listen to books on tape when I belonged to a club whose library had them available. Not much choice of radio in Japan and music might make me sleepy. I prefer talking with passengers.
    Stops along the way? Maybe a botanical garden or a historical sight or even a quilt shop might make a good rest stop.

  8. I have that book. I made all but one of the 12 blocks, way back in 2005. One of these days I need to make that last block and finish the quilt. I take M&M's on trips, and peanuts (usually spicy). Eating them one at at time helps me keep away when I'm the only one on the trip. I have a whole library of audio books at my house (cassette & CD). I usually pull out several more than I have time to listen to, so that I have a choice. Clive Cussler books are a favorite for driving to, as are Harry Potter books. When I'm alone, I don't stop at restaurants, choosing to snack instead so that I have more time to stop at antique shops. My 'regular' trips all have places programed into my GPS. My next trip will be all new territory.

  9. I just got the book yesterday! Will start reading it today.

    We usually don't pack snacks for road trips. We take bottled water which makes us have to stop from time to time. While stopping, we buy snacks where we use the conveniences. The snack depends on the mood at the time. We eat healthy snacks at home..we splurge on junk when traveling.

    I picked up my first book on CD yesterday at the library. I listened to part of the first CD while cooking dinner and found it a bit difficult to listen to. I kept forgetting about listening to the book while paying attention to chopping veggies and cooking a stir fry.

    I have tried to listen to other types of tapes while driving..like training types of tapes. I never really absorb the tapes because I am concentrating on driving. Too much like texting while driving...I don't read and drive..it's dangerous. I have to listen to music while driving so that I don't have to worry when it must be tuned out to pay attention to the road.

    We like to stop at the Dillard House on our way home from North Carolina. The Dobbs House when going to Florida. Those are restaurants. I like to stop at the Little White House also when going to Florida. That's the place FDR built.

    1. I know what you mean about trying to listen to books on tape and doing other things like driving or cooking. I can't do it either. As you say, I forget to listen and soon lose track of the story.

  10. Well of course we take chocolate, crackers and cookies for crunch and gotta have a Coke. The kids have "jobs" of searching food signs for favorite restaurants or "welcome to" state signs. My daughter has now taken it up to write a list of all the plates we see. I am always mapping out quilt shop stops.

  11. We usually take some granola bars when we're on the road. If we are feeling hungry when we make a rest stop the usual purchase is a candy bar from the vending machine. Bottled water is always a must, too.

  12. Love your idea of choosing a book based in the location you are destined. I don't have standard snacks that I take for trips. I usually buy snacks along the way when stopping for breaks.


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