Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Baseball Star Quilt Block and Walking Wednesdays

Walking Wednesdays this week takes place at the Rock Ledge Ranch in Colorado Springs.  The Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site is adjacent to the Garden of the Gods.  It's an educational, non-profit living history farm and museum that depicts life in the Pikes Peak Region in four time periods.
I first walked to the American Indian exhibit from 1775.  The Utes lived in this area in the foothills of Colorado.  The Cheyenne and Arapaho lived on the plains.  The Garden of the Gods was considered a sacred area and was a neutral location where the various tribes traded with each other.   
Next, I walked to the 1860's Thomas Galloway homestead area
with its outside oven.
After that, I walked to the Chambers home and ranch.
Look what I found inside the home!
 Didn't the Chambers family have a beautiful view of the mountains?
Finally, I walked to the 1907 Edwardian Country Estate known as the Orchard House.  Colorado Springs founder William Jackson Palmer built the home for his wife's sister and her husband, Charlotte and William Sclater. 
It was built with turn-of-the-century conveniences such as electricity and running water. 

I visited the Rock Ledge Ranch on Labor Day where an old-fashioned 1880's baseball game was taking place between the Camp Creek Cloud Busters and the Colorado Territorial All-Stars from Denver. 

Following 1880's rules, no one wears a mitt or glove except for the catcher.  And the "cranks" or spectators can influence the umpire's call!
Some female spectators were campaigning for the right to vote!
The Rock Ledge Ranch holds fond memories for my family ever since my oldest son attended preschool there years ago.  I hope you enjoyed walking with me this week!  You might also enjoy reading my previous blog post here


  1. This was a fun walk! I wish I could have been there in person! Also, love your quilt block choice.

  2. What an interesting place to visit!
    We enjoyed a "base ball" game between two Wisconsin clubs a couple of years ago. I used the block (which Marsha McCloskey calls "Berkeley Star") in my Good Cheer! quilt. It was a new design for me and I'd like to try it again.

  3. My family went to Colorado when I was a child. I will never forget seeing the Garden of the Gods. I still have all the photographs we took. I hope to make there again someday.

  4. What a cute little chain stitch sewing machine. It's on my 'wish list'.


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