Sunday, September 22, 2013

Maple Leaf Quilt Block and the First Day of Autumn

Fall begins around September 22 of each year.  That day is called the fall equinox.  An equinox occurs when the sun is just above the equator.  The days and nights are of equal length all over the Earth.  In the fall, the temperatures fall quicker and the daylight hours get shorter at a quicker rate than before.

What I Love About Autumn
Apple picking
Frisbee flicking
Falling leaves
Bracing breeze
Flying kites
Cool crisp nights
Trick or treat
(Sweets to eat)
Pumpkin pies
Clear blue skies
Relay races
Football games -
I love that autumn has two names.

  Douglas Florian

Autumn Night Music
Summer is waning;
nights are gaining.
Evening trees have lost their song.
Katydids, the last to strum,
are packing up and moving on.
Music lovers, don’t despair!
Autumn tunes are in the air.
Just tonight I heard a breeze
practicing inside the trees.
There is music after summer
with a different kind of strummer!
  Constance Levy

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  1. Enjoyed the poems & block. I'm already enjoying some of the things for this season even though cool temperatures & changing leaves will not arrive in Texas for awhile.

  2. I woke up this morning with an acorn in my bed!! I have no clue how it got there but I am willing to bet my dog brought it to me after my husband took him out this morning. LOL! Then I took him out and was looking at my marigolds, thinking they won't be here too much longer and you have a beautiful picture of some with this post.

  3. I like the way the blue in the block sets off the fall leaf! I saw a herd of elk, down for rutting season. That's how I know fall is in the air!

  4. I just made a project today called "4 in the raw" in a maple leaf design using autum colours. They are just lovely


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