Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Welcome to My Cabin Quilt and Walking Wednesdays

Welcome to My Cabin Quilt

Walking Wednesdays takes place in my neighborhood this week.

 I notice signs of a lingering summer. 
 The flowers are definitely past their prime,
but they still add bright spots to my walks.
 I also see definite signs of an approaching fall.

The green acorns of mid-summer are now dark brown.
The rose hips are a rich red.
A few of the scrub oak leaves are starting to turn yellow.

I discover a spot of yellow high in a cottonwood tree,
 The leaves of an aspen tree are tinged with yellow.
And I notice the effects of the heavy rains we've received recently.
Mushrooms are popping up.
Bright green moss is on the rocks.
And the pond that was completely dry for most of the summer is now full.
Thank you for joining me in my walks this week!  If you'd like to also read my previous blog post, click here.


  1. My favorite kind of walking ... while sipping coffee from my sofa...

  2. Such a lovely quilt and a great time of year for walking.

  3. I love this quilt. It reminds me I have saved a similar pattern for many years now. I really should make it, lol.
    Mary Anne

  4. Beautiful walk! I love this quilt. Do you know if this quilt pattern is available somewhere?


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