Monday, July 30, 2012

Card Trick Quilt Block

     I found the pattern for this Card Trick quilt block free on-line at Quilter's Cache: but reduced the 12" block to 6".
     In these diary entries, Frank is Hattie's beau, and Fannie and Betty are his sisters.  Ruth, Howard, Mary, Ted, and George are Hattie's siblings.  Rook is a card game.   

Friday, December 1, 1916 -
"We just got in; it's after 11 o'clock.  We expected to be home early, but as usual we had such a good time that it was ten before I realized it.  It was supposed to begin at 4:30, but it was nearly 5:00 when Frank arrived, and some of the others came after we got there so things were delayed a little.  Fannie and Betty always entertain so delightfully.  We did fancy work until the eats were served - they sure were good.  Tomato bouillon with crackers and a pickle for first course; then chicken salad, escalloped potatoes, creamed peas, bread and butter, cranberry jelly; and pumpkin pie with whipped cream and coffee for dessert.  After we had eaten, we played progressive Rook - had lots of fun. 

"It is a lovely night out, moonlight and just cold enough!  And these days are ideal.  It doesn't seem like December."

Saturday, December 2, 1916 -
"This whole family seems to be dead for sleep tonight.  I'd feel better in bed no doubt, but I had a 'doze' this afternoon and am waiting, thinking perhaps Ruth and Howard will bring me a letter.  They just now came in.  I hear Ruth say, 'Not a sign of a letter.'  So I guess I'll go to bed.  I'm tired.  It has been another glorious day.  I have been crocheting baskets tonight.  I lost one that I made over there last night.  It must have been my 'losing day.'  I also borrowed Mary's veil and brought her back someone else's."

Sunday, December 3, 1916 -
"Bein' as how it was almost 12 o'clock and Ruth was slumbering peacefully upon this book, I delayed writing a little.

"The preacher called up this afternoon about 5 o'clock and wanted Frank to take a carload to Zion.  It was a beautiful night although a little foggy going over there.  But they had a real good meeting - mostly Olivet people, though.  The church was small and quite crowded, and I had to squeeze into a seat by the stove.  One little boy who sat next to me wanted to go forward but was rather hesitant.  Although I talked to him, I didn't urge him too much.  I want him to take his own time.  I couldn't decide for him. 

"We had quite a race with Selig and Lou Rowland coming home, but we led the nine cars back to town.

"We all went to church this morning except Ted and George.  They are becoming entirely too interested in trapping."    

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Home Quilt Block

      I found this 6" Happy Home block in 5,500 Quilt Block Designs by Maggie Malone.  The name is a good fit for these diary entries.  This block is also known as Mosaic, Star of Virginia, and Variable Star.        
     On Wednesday, the family is busy getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Ruth, Eva, and Minerva are Hattie's older sisters.  Lester is married to Mary, another older sister.  Ted and Howard are younger brothers.  Howard is attending school in Manhattan, Kansas and surprises the family by coming home.  Frank is Hattie's beau, her future husband, and my grandfather. 
     I included Hattie's entire diary entry for Thanksgiving Day.  She left the whole page blank, so I'm assuming she hoped to have time to write more.  (She was determined to have an entry for each day.)  She usually writes at least a page, so clearly Thanksgiving is a busy day for her! 
Wednesday, November 29, 1916 -
"This has been a beautiful day and likewise a full one.  I'll begin at the beginning:  Soon after breakfast, everyone began flying around getting things ready for tomorrow.  Lester and Papa killed the old white gobbler.  He weighed 25 pounds and 19 after Ruth has him (un)dressed.  Eva made pumpkin pies, Mother made a cake, and I jumped in the car with Papa and Ted and went as far as Ellis' after some eggs.  The walk back was lovely.  Everything was so frosty and bright. 

"Eva went to the Alpine program this afternoon, and soon after dinner, I gathered together my clothing, potatoes, and jelly, and Frank came and we went to town.  Not many people had donated, so we only went to a few places.  While the car was being fixed, Mrs. Mc and I went up to her house, and she gave me chicken sandwiches, cake, pickles, and stuffed dates left from her party yesterday.  When Frank came up, he said Minerva wanted to see me.  So all unsuspecting, I went in and there was Howard.  He surprised us all by coming home on the 5:20.  We were all tickled to see him, of course.  After a bountiful supper, we have been sitting around talking, singing, crocheting, speaking pieces, etc., etc.  It sure seems good to be home all together again.  There are so many of us Howard wanted to know if we wouldn't have to sleep in shifts."

Thursday, November 30, 1916 -
"Thanksgiving Day"

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Endless Stairs Quilt Block

     The pattern for this 6" Endless Stairs block is from 5,500 Quilt Block Designs by Maggie Malone.  The block is also known as London Stairs, Virginia Worm Fence, and Endless Stair.  Directions for an entire quilt can be found right here. 
     This is the first time the Woodbury siblings have all been together since before their Mamma died 3-1/2 years ago, so it's a difficult time for all of them - including Mother, their step-mother.  Older daughters Eva and Mary were far away in Washington state and did not come home for the funeral.  Oldest daughter Minerva lives in the nearby town of Olivet. 

Monday, November 27, 1916 -
"I am feeling so blue tonight, in fact, I think almost the whole family had the same feeling.  Mary wouldn't eat any supper.  When she told me it was because she couldn't help grieving over dear Mamma, of course, that started us all, more or less, and made Mother feel terrible. 

"We had an immense washing today - so many of the children's things, of course.  I was up about 5:30 and was on my feet most of the day, sat down to write a little this afternoon but ironed, hung out clothes, washed and wiped dishes, ran up and down stairs, until I am sure ready to pile in now at 10 o'clock."

Tuesday, November 28, 1916 -
"The clock has struck ten, and I'd ought to be in bed.  I was up before six and have been on the go all day.  Mother has spent the day in bed with a terrible headache and sore throat.  Mary and the children went up to Minerva's, and we girls have ironed, done the housework, etc.

"I got a letter from Fern today telling me of the K.S.U. (Kansas State University) - C of E (College of Emporia) game to be played Thanksgiving Day.  Frank and I are crazy to go, but I'm afraid we wouldn't get much dinner.  We've got to see about distributing the Thanksgiving donations tomorrow.  Then we are all invited down to Sweezey's Thursday night and over to George's Friday. 

"Papa, Eva, the baby, and I were out for a stroll around the barns today.  I weighed myself and hit the 110-1/2 mark."

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Love and Kisses Quilt Block

     I found the pattern for this 6" Love and Kisses block in 5,500 Quilt Block Designs by Maggie Malone. 
     In these diary entries, the Woodbury family has traveled back home to be together to celebrate the holidays.  Hattie's older sisters Mary (with husband Lester and daughters Helen and Ruth), Eva (with husband George and children) and Ruth have come from Washington state.  Frank is Hattie's beau.  He has asked her to marry him, but she has not given him an answer yet.  
Saturday, November 25, 1916 -
"It just now struck ten.  I am the last to retire, but I had a brief nap this afternoon.  Mary isn't feeling very well.  I was just now in the bathroom with her - she was sick at her stomach.  She fell part way down stairs this afternoon, and that hurt her some.

"Ruth and I have been crocheting all evening, and even Helen has to try to do the same.  She sure is cute.  She wants to help with everything - sweep, wipe dishes or dust - and this afternoon she tried to assist Grace with picking the chickens. 

"Mary just now peeped in and wondered why I wasn't in bed.  I'm going this minute."

Sunday, November 26, 1916 -
"Just as we were finishing dinner (after church), the Poppenhoe's and Mrs. Hand came.  Their car had broken down, and they were a little late.  We fixed lunch for them, and they had a nice but brief visit with us.  I think Mrs. Hand is delightful.  She gave me so many ideas about writing, and I think I'll really try my hand at it.  I just wish I could earn some money of my own!

"Frank came about 5:30 and Lester went up and got Eva and her children, so we had quite a table full at supper.  I led the League tonight.  We had a pretty good meeting in spite of the fact that the lights went out and the preacher and the Gospel Team were at Zion.  I dismissed soon after 8:30, so we got home before 9 o'clock.  Mrs. Mc gave me a sprig of mistletoe, then she began whispering to Frank, so I told her I would pin it right on the top of my hat."

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