Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Easy Envelope Quilt, Fun and Colorful with Lots of Possibilities

Happy 224th Birthday to the United States Post Office, established in 1789!
I thought this would be a great day to show you
the envelopes I've made so far for my Easy Envelope Quilt. 
And look what's inside each envelope - another color!

Each envelope ends up being 5" x 7" including seam allowances.  I'm still not quite sure how many envelopes I'll end up with.  I do know that I will add a 1" sashing of black to separate the envelopes. 
I thought it would be fun to hang the finished quilt in my classroom, putting different poems in each envelope.  A student could choose an envelope and read that poem for the day. 
I think there are all sorts of other possibilities for this quilt.  With Christmas fabrics, it would make a wonderful advent calendar, don't you think?  Check out pattern designers Linda Milligan and Nancy Smith as they demonstrate how to make this easy quilt with Alex Anderson of Simply Quilts.  (Note: Some people are unable to link to the video.  If you're one of these people, try googling Alex Anderson Easy Envelope Quilt and see if you can find it this way.)
Do you still write letters that travel through the post office or do you send letters via email?  Inquiring minds want to know!  Answer in the comment section below. 
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  1. You have been busy making envelopes. They look nice.

  2. That looks like fun with lots of possibilities for use.
    As a life-time stamp collector, I am sure to use the postal system. It may be getting harder because the price is about to go up for both local and overseas post.

  3. I can't wait to see the finished quilt. The envelopes are so cute in all their colors! I do send some letters via snail mail.

  4. I do use both email and the postal system, or snail mail as it is sometimes referred to. I love going to my post office and interacting with the postal carrier/clerks there. I also have a postal box that I rent and it gets fun when I get quilty packages since they have inquiring minds and want to know what I get or what I am mailing out as well. That is a cute pattern which I'll have to investigate on how to make. I agree with you that I think it would be cute to have as an advent calendar or even for somebody going off to college for the first time. The family could put little presents in the envelopes for them to discover (candy, gift card, notes, money)...the possibilities are almost endless.

  5. I still enjoy sending mail in the post. Especially to my my who is not on the internet.
    She has only learnt how to text on her phone so emails won't be happening. I love receiving a letter or package in the post. It is so much better than all the bills we get.

  6. I miss the days before so much junk mail! I still enjoy sending & receiving cards through the mail. Your envelopes are so fun! This quilt has so many possibilities & I would love to make one as a wall hanging.


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