Thursday, September 26, 2013

My House Quilt - Schoolhouse Quilt Block

This Schoolhouse block is part of my House Block Bee Quilt - a cheery quilt that hangs in my classroom.

I participated in the on-line House Block Bee with eleven other quilters. We were each assigned a month by our queen bee. Before the first of my assigned month, I mailed out fabrics to the others to be used to make a house block for me. I purchased the blue fabric for the sky and the green fabric for the grass. I sent each person a couple of owls and a couple of children to be included in their block. Then I looked through my stash and included scraps to be used for houses, trees, etc.  Each quilter could also add their own fabric, if they wished.  I ended up making three of the blocks for this quilt, and this is one of my blocks.  (It's interesting that my students could immediately pick out the blocks I made.) 
Homemade Chalk Recipe
Empty cardboard toilet paper tubes
Waxed paper
Scotch tape
Plaster of Paris
Tempera paints in various colors

1.  For each stick of chalk you wish to make, line the inside of an empty toilet paper tube with waxed paper and seal one end with tape.
2.  With a spoon, mix two parts plaster of Paris with one part warm water in a bowl and add approximately two spoonfuls of tempera paint to achieve the desired color.
3.  Pour the mixture into the prepared toilet paper tubes.  Gently tap the tubes to release air bubbles from the plaster.
4.  Repeat for each color of chalk you wish to make.
5.  Let the plaster mixture dry for 48 hours.  Peel off the cardboard tube and waxed paper.  Create some sidewalk art with your homemade chalk.

Bubble Recipe
2 cups Joy dishwashing liquid
6 cups water
¾ cup Karo light corn syrup

Combine ingredients, shake, let settle 4 hours.  Put in a 9 x 13-inch pan, take outside, and enjoy!

You must use Joy and Karo.  Other brands don’t work as well.

1.  Do not stir wand in suds to avoid foaming.
2.  If foaming develops, scrape off with stiff card.
3.  Rotate play around yard to avoid damage to plants.
4.  Bubbles are best on humid days.
5.  Sun weakens suds so protect suds from direct sun.
6.  Store covered in refrigerator to extend suds shelf life.  Allow to warm before using.
7.  Keep suds clean – avoid dirt, grass, bugs, etc.

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  1. Absolutely love the way you incorporated the little girl fabric. What a fun quilt!

  2. Thank you for the fun recipes! My grandgirls will love them!


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