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If you write a blog post and include something about the Quilters' Book Club, email me at and I'll include a link to your post here.  Reading members' blogs is a great way for us to get to know each other better!   

Member Julie:  She writes about her life in Japan.  Her copy of The Persian Pickle Club has arrived from June!

Member Doniene in Texas:  Doniene writes about joining the Quilters' Book Club and shows us the fabric she's going to use for her blocks.  She writes from Texas

Member Julie:  Check out her beautiful Prairie Queen block that she made for The Persian Pickle Club

Member Julie:  Her copy of A Single Thread has arrived!

Member Mama T.:  Mama T. writes about our Quilters' Book Club and our first book, The Persian Pickle Club and then shows us her gorgeous Prairie Queen block.  Check it out!

Member Julie:  She's reading A Single Thread.  A certain passage about community really speaks to her.  She writes about a quilting class she's been asked to teach to help the people in Tohoku.

Member Mama T:  Mama T. writes about A Single Thread.  Check out the block she's already made for the book - The Courtyard Quilt Block.

Member Doniene:  Check out the redwork blocks she made for our first two books!

Member Julie:  Check out the block she designed for A Single Thread.  It's at the end of her post.  Very creative!

Member VonnaWrites from West Texas.  She's just begun the world of blogging and discovered our Quilters' Book Club right off!

Member Julie:  Writes an interesting blog from Japan.  Check out the beautiful block she made for The Quilter's Apprentice

Member Julie:  Is creating a quilt, with each block representing a different on-line quilting friend.  In this post she writes about the block she made for me and includes our Quilters' Book Club.  I am so honored.  I feel like I've won a blue ribbon!

Member Mama T:  Check out her Contrary Wife block that she made for The Quilter's Apprentice as well as her comments on the book.   

Member Julie:  Make sure you visit her blog to see the lovely tulip block she made (always by hand) to represent Alice's Tulips and read the interesting story behind the block.

Member Julie:  Also be sure to check out her amazing, award-winning Seasons quilt.  Congratulations, Julie!

Member Cheryl:  Writes about our book club and winning the giveaway of Marie Bostwick's Between Heaven and Texas:

Member Auntie Em:  Writes a fun post on Cozy Mysteries.  Check it out!

Please take a few moments to view this wonderful video about our Member Julie.  You won't regret it!

Member Julie:  Check out the gorgeous block she made to represent The Lover's Knot - with curved seams no less!

Member Julie:  Has finished reading Between Heaven and Texas and is thinking about a block to make for it.  Also check out the owl quilt she made for her latest grandson!

Member Julie:  See the blocks Julie made for Wedding Ring and Between Heaven and Texas

New Member Elaine:  Writes about discovering our Quilters' Book Club.  Check out her blog here:

Member Elaine:  Check out the Road Most Traveled block she made to represent The Goodbye Quilt and read about her Friday Night Block Party:   

Member Linda at L & R Designs Quilting:  Writes about the Quilters' Book Club and reading The Goodbye Quilt.  Check out her beautiful Rachel's Confetti Quilt!  

Member Elaine:  Check out her Mother's Dream block that goes with The Goodbye Quilt as well as her Friday Night Block Party:

Member Julie:  Julie displays a banner she just completed and writes about planning to work on her book club block next:

Member Julie:  Julie writes about her initial plans for her quilt block representing The Goodbye Quilt that will now need to be changed!

Member Julie:  Julie has a second plan for her quilt block representing The Goodbye Quilt

Member Julie from Japan: Check out Julie's COMPLETED block for The Goodbye Quilt.  I believe it holds memories for both her children as well as her:

Member Jo:  From Australia writes about the Quilters' Book Club and State Fair that we're currently reading:

Member Jo:  Since we're reading State Fair, Jo shares photos of animals from her local town show.  Check out the cute kangaroo and echidna!

Member Jo:  Check out the adorable koala:

Member Jo:  Wonderful photos of an echidna and a laughing kookaburra!

Member Jo:  Fruit bat, ring-tailed possum, and turtle!

Member Jo:  A quokka, black-headed snake, penguin, goanna, and blue tongued lizard

Member Jo:  Quilts on display at her local town show:

Member Jo:  Produce at her local town show:

Member Jo in Australia:  Check out all the blocks she made for State Fair by Earlene Fowler!  She's been busy! 

Member Julie in Japan:  Check out the block she made for State Fair by Earlene Fowler:

Member Jo in Australia:  Check out her latest blocks (Broken Sugar Bowl and
Ribbon Star).  Beautiful, Jo!

Member Julie in Japan:  Don't miss the photo of her Feathered Star for our December book, The Christmas Star.  She does all of her work by hand, and it's always gorgeous!

Member Jo in Australia:  Jo has made an adorable quilt for a baby called Teddy Bears in Bed Under a Patchwork Quilt.  It consists of several blocks for Earlene Fowler's State Fair and is so cute!

Member RoseMary in Virginia:  RoseMary is advertising our book club on her blog:

Member Dasha in Australia:  Dasha is advertising our book club on her blog.  Check out, also, her new teapot.  So cute!

Member Mary Nell in the Ozarks:  Check out Mary Nell's blog post about our book club.  Mary Nell writes about Sewing and Quilting in the Ozarks.

Member Mary Deeter:  Check out Mary's stitchinggrandma blog.  In this post, she writes about our book club as well as her T-shirt quilt.

Member Julie in Japan:  Check out Julie's 12th book club quilt block for our January read, The Healing Quilt

Member Julie in Japan:  Check out Julie's book club quilt blocks for our February read Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker and our March read A Drunkard's Path.  And she does it all by hand!

Member Lis in England:  Lis just discovered our book club via Member Julie and writes about it on her blog.  Check it out!


  1. I made a most beautiful "Prairie Queen" block for "The Persian Pickle Club" and posted it on my blog, but I'm not sure how to share it. :(
    Thanks for gathering quilting readers. I'm having a great time.

  2. Hello i would like to join, how do i get the information andout the quilt block

  3. here is my blog
    I had another blog, but when we moved, I could not open it anymore due to having a new email. so everything I had done is now lost. Hope you will visit and join my blog. Thank You

  4. sorry

  5. I have a new blog in which I write about my retirement dream come true: I've opened a quilt shop! In the past five weeks of the blog, I've had almost five hundred visitors, some from countries around the world, like the UK (London, Essex, Wales) India, Ukraine, Poland and Canada, as well as many of the United States. We're busy stocking the shop these recent months, and I'm also busy writing book two in my new "Mysteries in the Quilter's Quarters" series. But I look forward to joining your book club here at Starwood Quilter, and invite you to come and follow me: is the link. Happy sewing!


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