Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Courthouse Steps Quilt Block and Constitution Day

Courthouse Steps Quilt Block
Today is the 226th anniversary of the U.S. Constitution.  On this day, Constitution Day, we commemorate the formation and signing of the Constitution on September 16, 1787. 

Article I: Creates the Legislative Branch

Article II: Creates the Executive Branch

Article III: Creates the Judicial Branch

Article IV: Crafts the relationship between the federal government and the states, as well as explains the obligations that states owe to each other

Article V: Explains how the Constitution can be amended

Article VI: Explains certain details about the transition from the Articles of Confederation-bound government to the Constitution-bound government and establishes the supremacy of the United States Constitution, international treaties, and all and federal laws made in pursuance of the Constitution

Article VII: Explains how the Constitution is ratified and testifies to the unanimous support of the states represented at the Constitutional Convention
There are only twenty-seven amendments to the Constitution, including the first ten, which are the Bill of Rights. 
You can read this and more about the Constitution and Constitution Day at this site.
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  1. While my dad was alive, he used to send me the Calendar from the American Rose Society, that often contained his rose photos, and always had American holidays marked on each month. These days I am using a Japanese calendar ... no American holidays, and the Japanese ones I can't even read.


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