Saturday, September 21, 2013

Flutter, Buzz, Bloom Quilt and Goodbye to Summer

Flutter, Buzz, Bloom Quilt

The Sum of Summer
The sum of summer
Is one billion bees
And six trillion leaves
On three billion trees
And four fillion flies
And five sillion fleas
And uncounted numbers
Of sweet memories.

Pack Up
Before the summer's gone -
Pack a rosy-fingered dawn.
Pack a pond
Or ocean spray.
Pack them for a snow-packed day.

     both poems by Douglas Florian

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  1. Perfect summer quilt!! Love the fresh colors :)

  2. What a wonderful quilt! Did you design it? Is that your deck? I'm envious!

  3. The first harbingers of fall, the spider lilies, have begun to bloom but the weather is still saying "summer". Enjoy it while it lasts... and that quilt will make it last a wee bit longer.

  4. Happy quilt & represents what I love in the summer....birds, blooms & bees.


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