Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Baseball Star Quilt Block and Baseball Parks

Baseball Star Quilt Block Pattern Information

Baseball Parks

Diamondbacks are safe in Phoenix
   Where the ARIZ. warm and dry,
And the team they COL. the
   Plays it cool a mile high.

Watch the fans become disgusted
   As their Tigers swing ‘n’ MICH.
And the Cubs are only Soso—
ILL.-at-ease, their batters swish.

If the Indians are All-Stars,
   Then the Reds are semiprOH.
Give the Twins a vitaMINN.
   The Cards could also use some MO.

by J. Patrick Lewis

Are you a Major League Baseball fan?  What's your favorite team?  Or are you more of a Little League fan?  Inquiring minds want to know! 
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  1. Hmmm. The Cleveland Indians was the team to cheer for when I was growing up. The Chiba Lotte Marines invited my cub pack to several games and gave them the red carpet treatment and even a chance to camp out overnight in the stadium. I have a grandson who plays little league, but to tell the truth, baseball is too long and drawn out a game to hold my interest unless I have a bit of stitching to do.

  2. All my teams have been AL teams. Right now I'm back in MN-so I keep an eye on the Twins, but rarely see a game because we don't have the right TV channel. I love the Red Sox, too and once lived in Royals territory. They all have great ballparks, but very different from each other.

  3. The Pittsburgh Pirates are my favorite - always have been since back in the Roberto Clemente days! I always hoped that they would make a comeback before my dad died (he loved them). They've done much better in recent years.

  4. D-Backs! Although they've definitely had a bad start this season...worst in franchise history :-/

  5. The Seattle Mariners of Course. I live in the Northwest so who else could I root for? It is just the thing to do. Win or lose, we back our teams.

  6. Back in MN in the 1960s I became interested in baseball and loved to watch the Twins play.
    After moving to Texas I lost interest in baseball and became a huge football fan in the 1970s. Then a move to Arizona and the start of a family left little time for sports watching.
    However the AZ D-Backs caught my eye just in time to follow the season that ended with Destiny in the Desert and the World Series win. Now the D-Backs lure me in each spring.

  7. I grew up in Pittsburgh, so I love the Pirates, but we have moved to Houston and my son grew up going to Astros games, so I like them also. But I think my favorite is the little league games, even when my son wasn't playing. There is something about watching the little ones enjoying the game.

  8. I've seen the Montreal Expos play a couple of times in Montreal but that was a long time ago. No pro baseball available on my tv and no team for thousands of miles, so I don't follow it for sure. I used to watch some local baseball when one of my friends was playing, and my youngest daughter played for a while. I don't mind watching baseball.

  9. Never could get into baseball. The only part I like is the organ music.

  10. Baseball seems to long for me. I am more of a football person.


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