Thursday, April 3, 2014

Love Knot Quilt Block and Our Love Affair with Mother Nature

Love Knot Quilt Block Pattern Information

The Vixen

She woos with bouquets
  of crocus and daffodils,
  and serenades with
  robin's sweet trills.
  Her sparkling eyes
  seduce and tantalize,
  her smile a ray of sunshine
  to a frozen heart.
  Her victims,
  so instantly and totally smitten,

Never see it coming.
  Until she laughs,
  and slaps them in the face
  with a cold north wind,
  and the pelting of icy snow
  awakens them from a dream-like trance.
  And then, just as instantly,
  the love affair comes
  to a brutal end.
  Mother Nature
  Is such a vixen!

 Merry Lu Pasley - April 1, 2014

10" of wet spring snow and a Snow Day from school today!

What has your April weather been like so far?  By commenting, you'll be entering this month's give-away of Marie Bostwick's newest book APART AT THE SEAMS, coming out the end of this month.  Three lucky people will each win a copy, courtesy of Kensington Publishing!  If you are reading this via email, you must click on the title of my blog post to be able to comment and read the comments of others.  The winner will be announced on May 1.

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  1. Beautiful so far. Sunny and hid 60s in Tn.

  2. We have had very cold snowy or rainy weather also.

  3. BLUSTERY! We still have the March lion but the April showers have come with it. A few minutes ago, it was thunder and hail. I guess you might say, "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute and it will change"!

  4. It is blustery and cold in northeasternmost Illinois, too!
    The Love Knot block is new to me -- thanks for making a sample. I think that it would lose a lot of definition as a 12" block -- redrafting to 6" is a good idea.

  5. We may have 10 more inches of snow by the end of today! I don't think this winter is ever going to end!

  6. We were able to walk outside on April 1, but yesterday warm but rain, rain, rain. Lots of flooding in Indiana. Snow is prettier but you have to shovel.

  7. I, too, am one of the lucky ones (?) with 10+ inches of snow. I keep repeating-"this too shall pass"

    This is a great looking block

    PB in MN

  8. Mother Nature has been kind to us so far this month. Nothing to brag about, but nothing to complain about, either. Thank you for sharing my poem, Susan.

  9. In southwestern PA we are having lots of April showers, and possibly a little snow later this weekend! With all of the April showers, I am hoping for beautiful May flowers!

  10. Thursday was rain and drizzle. Damp and chilly. We're supposed to have sun this weekend with warmer temperatures. Woohoo! At least we skipped the storms.

  11. So far April has been an improvement although with lots of rain. My first daffodils have just started to bloom and the grass is getting greener here in Southern Ohio.

  12. Rain and sunshine....tulips starting to blossom while my daffodils are done for this spring her

  13. Up in the 50s with intermittent sunshine...and lots of wind! Lose the wind and it would be all good! But I did get to hang out my laundry for the first time this year!!

  14. Where could I find any of these patterns?

    1. Ruth, if you click on the caption below the photo of the block, I provide the pattern source.


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