Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Windblown Square Quilt Block

     I found the pattern for this Windblown Square block in The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt by Laurie Aaron Hird, but I enlarged it from 6" to 10".  It can also be found free online right here.  
     I love the phrase "every twig and spear of grass and wire each in a separate tunnel of ice" that my grandma wrote in this diary entry.  Can't you just see it?  The kids being referred to are my grandmother's youngest siblings, twins George and Ann (age 11). 

Thursday, February 3, 1916 -
"For some strange reason my room is like an ice box, so I'm here in the bathroom.  The wind is in the northeast and is thus taking a spite at me.  Mother and I went for a little joy ride to town with Lester in the sled this P.M.  It was lovely out, and we got only a little cold coming home.  The pastures and fences and everything are just beautiful - every twig and spear of grass and wire each in a separate tunnel of ice.  We did a little shopping and brought the kids home from school. 

"Coasting is all the rage - even Mr. McGregor and Mr. Edmonson and May said her mother, too - had been out on the hill.

"I'll sure be glad when the butchering event is over.  It seems we haven't got a thing done this week."

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  1. I'm really enjoying reading the journals.

    I love this block and your fabrics!

  2. Your block turned out really great.

  3. Your grandmother was a really great writer. I have a theory that the Wiley/Woodbury families have a great talent with words and these diary posts show the genetic threads of this talent are strong, indeed.

  4. Windblown is sooo Colorado!


  5. Wonderful fabrics in this block .

  6. I am really enjoying these diaries. The quilt blocks are great too. Some of the fabrics you are using are so "turn of the century".


  7. Thank you for taking your time to share - this is so wonderful to read. Your grandmother had a kodak moment way of writing. Can't you just see rosy cheeks and pink noses when you read this entry. I like the flip way she writes "taking a spite." I like many of your blocks enough to piece them - and this from a lazy quilter!

    1. You're so very welcome. My grandmother was a very good writer and kept a diary for much of her life.


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