Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sister Star Quilt Block

     In my quilt, I wanted to include a block about sisters, since my grandmother was the fifth daughter out of six in a family of nine children.  I found this 10" rotary-pieced block at
     My grandmother describes her birth family this way: 

from A Kansas Yankee by Harriet Woodbury George -
"Our family consisted of nine children in this order: five daughters, two sons, and finally the twins – a girl and a boy!  Namely:

Minerva Augusta                  August 23, 1886
Mary Leona                         January 24, 1889
Eva Alberta                         January 25, 1891
Ruth                                   April 15, 1893
Harriet Edith                       October 2, 1895
Howard Kingsbury                September 2, 1897
Philip Redding (Ted)             August 13, 1901
Anna Louise                        March 22, 1904
George Marshall                  March 22, 1904

A postcard with slightly altered wording!

Mary had a little Sister,
Hattie was her name,
Every time she had a caller
Hattie also came.
 "We attended Alpine School until the Fall of 1905.  Our Father had been County Treasurer from 1900-'05 and drove a team and buggy to his office there.  Minerva went to Lyndon (Kansas) to take a business course, which enabled her to work in the Treasurer's office.  When the twins were born in March 1904, our Mother was very ill for a long time, and Mary had stayed home to care for her and the twins until we had a Practical Nurse to come.  Then the older girls were finishing the District school so our parents thought it best to go to Olivet School, which had a graded school with two rooms and teachers.  We now used the top buggy and a gentle team of horses to go to Olivet to school.  Eva or Mary drove.  I was in fourth grade, promoted to fifth, and Howard in second and third."   
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  1. Is your dad a twin? How many siblings are still living?

  2. This is my grandmother's birth family. She was the fifth daughter, Harriet Edith.

  3. I just read your excerpt from your Farmers Daughter Quilt story, I love it Its so nice to know that people do save stories & memories in their families


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