Saturday, August 6, 2011

Autumn Tints Quilt Block

     I found this pattern in The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt by Laurie Aaron Hird.  I chose to make this block 8" rather than 6" finished so that more of the tree design of the fabric would show.  I loved picking out fall fabric for the Autumn Tints block.
     In this excerpt from her story, my grandmother describes building the new family home, which was begun in August 1914.

from A Kansas Yankee by Harriet Woodbury George -

"Following our Mother's death, I could understand that Dad felt a greater responsibility for all of us, but especially the younger children.  Even though our Mother was not well, she was in charge of the children in the home when he was at work.  Dad was the one who managed the farm and business of the family.  Now he needed help with two teen-age boys and two ten-year-old twins.  And I trust the two grown daughters were more of a help than a problem!

"He had begun to plan the new home while we were in Emporia and had an architect in Topeka working on it.  Dad brought home the plans, and Ruth and I would give our approval or suggestions of change.  It was in August of 1914 when the workmen came from Topeka to begin on the basement and foundation.  The stone for the foundation was blue limestone, quarried in our north pasture.  A few weeks later, the old farm house was raised from its foundation and moved a short distance to the east to make room for digging the basement and constructing the new farm house.  Mr. Easter of Topeka was the architect.  Mr. Hunter, I believe, was the name of the stonecutter.  He was a black man, whose wife accompanied him.  They lived in the three-room tenant house, which was south of the barn lots and scales.  They boarded the workmen for the house.

"It was interesting for us to live so near the house that we could see the progress.  I remember what a beautiful autumn that was!  There were six weeks of ideal mild fall, crispy weather - very little if any rain - so they got off to a good start."

Fred H. Woodbury Home
Built 1914-1915 near Olivet, Kansas
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  1. Fall is my favorite time of the year and I love this block!

  2. Awesome fabric!
    I love your blog! Great blocks and it will be a beautiful quilt!

  3. I just love all your blocks, this one has such beautiful colors.

  4. How pretty! I was enjoying reading the journal... scrolled down... and was delighted to find a picture of the house! :-)


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