Friday, August 12, 2011

Duck Tracks Quilt Block

     The pattern for this 8" Duck Tracks block can be found free online at:
     In these diary entries, my grandmother always spoke of her step mother, Louise Daniels Woodbury, as "Mother."  She referred to her actual mother as "Mamma," who died in the summer of 1913.  Her father and Louise Daniels married in March 30, 1915.  Ted is Hattie's younger brother.  
     I looked up the word "grippe."  It's an archaic term for "influenza."

Tuesday, January 4, 1916 -
"The wind has blown quite strong all day, and it has been cloudy and misty, too.  So that it was hardly pleasant enough for me to go for the horseback ride I had planned.  I wanted to get out, too, as I ironed almost all A.M. and felt in need of some air.  But instead I came up here and wrote a long letter to Gusta and mended a little and tried to sleep a few minutes.  I have crocheted a little between times when I was trying to beat a little Algebra into Ted's fertile (?) brain. 

"I received a rather delayed New Year's Greeting in the form of two pretty handkerchiefs from Grace McC today."

Thursday, January 6, 1916 -
"Mother was in bed all A.M.  I think she is having the latest fad - the grippe.  I spent the morning busy as usual - made about 4 dozen doughnuts, got dinner with Nora's assistance, etc.

"It has been dreadfully cold all day and has snowed and sleeted most of the time since 10 A.M.  I hardly think it's fit for sleighing, however.

"Papa shot a couple of ducks this P.M. and, of course, is very proud of the fact.  I had the pleasure of cleaning them after supper.  Everyone else pleaded ignorance.  It took me about an hour and a half.

"I have been toasting myself by the fire and crocheting and talking to Papa until I'm terribly sleepy so think I'll tumble in, quick!"

Friday, January 7, 1916 -
"My dreams may be rather wild tonight because we had wild duck for supper.  They certainly were good.  I felt almost repaid for having to dress them last night.

"It turned out quite clear and bright today although the snow didn't melt any.  I cleaned all A.M. and did odd jobs this P.M. and took a nap.

"I am crocheting lace for some of my towels.  Have just finished a much delayed letter to Hen."

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  1. Cleaning poultry is a task we don't have thank goodness.

  2. did your Dad ever tell you about dropping his pie on the floor in Louise Daniels Woodbury's kitchen? :-) -cousin George

  3. George, I included that story in my post called "Prairie Queen Quilt Block." Thanks for reminding me of that story.

  4. Love reading this post, and I'm going to read your previous posts too. I used to help my mother cleaning poultry, a job none of us loved, but it was needed! :) How fortunate you are to have your grandmother's diary and how great of her to write a diary!

  5. I forgot to say thanks for stopping by and for your nice comment! :)


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