Saturday, August 6, 2011

School Girl's Puzzle Quilt Block

     The pattern for this 12" School Girl's Puzzle block can be found at:
     In this continuing story, my grandmother explains that she is able to go back to Emporia to finish high school in the fall after her mother's death that summer. 

from A Kansas Yankee by Harriet Woodbury George -

"The rest of the summer is almost a blank, but we were busy at home and also getting reacquainted with Olivet people.  I did go back to Emporia to complete my fourth year in high school.  Ruth had gone one year to the Presbyterian College of Emporia, but that was her only college year.  She headed the household on the farm.  Dad sold the house in Emporia to Mr. and Mrs. McEvoy from Anderson County. . .  I lived with them and was allowed to use my same room. 

"I could go home occasionally on the early morning "Plug" Santa Fe train on Saturday and return Sunday evening by 9:00 P.M. - which were not very convenient hours, as the Santa Fe station was a mile or more distant from our house - a long walk or call a cab.  Usually I went home on holidays only.

"I liked school and was quite busy my senior year but was a little lonely for our family frequently.  I have always been grateful that I could finish my high school graduation.  The disappointment came when I did not get to go onto college as had been planned ever since I was a child.  I was to have been a schoolteacher."

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  1. this is so cute, if you placed it on point, it would seem like 2 fishes kissing!!! how cute is that?

  2. Saw your lovely block on facebook and am loving the story! It must take a fair amount of research to find just the right blocks for each journal entry! A labour of love!

  3. Cute block and perfect for the subject material as many schools are heading back for the start of another year.

    You can read the regret in your grandmother's voice about not getting to go on to college, all those years later.

  4. i see acorns in your block. gives me an idea for candle mats for fall. i LOVE acorns and have lots of them as decor in my house--one of the favorite things for the kids is to play house or have tea parties with the cast iron saucepan half full of acorns at the fireplace....acorn soup is always on the menu around here LOL
    this is going to be MY-for ME quilty activity today. have other things i should be doing, and WILL do, but this block--thanks, thanks, THANKS!!! acorns--whoop whoop!!!

  5. This block looks like such fun to play is definitely on my list now! Thank you for the block and the bit of history.


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