Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kitchen Woodbox Quilt Block

     This is a little 6" block.  I fussycut the center square and enjoyed making the block.  It was quick and easy to make.
     In this continuing story by my grandmother, she writes about the move from Emporia back to the farm near Olivet, Kansas, in the summer of 1913.  Howard and Ted are Harriet's younger brothers.  Ruth is her older sister, and Anna is her younger sister.  Minerva is her older, married sister.
from A Kansas Yankee by Harriet Woodbury George -

"In the spring of 1913 the Marshall family, who were on the farm with Dad had the opportunity of buying a farm, so again we had to make new arrangements as they were anxious to get away and take over on their new place.  Dad had made some progress in plans for the new home on the farm so wanted us to come back for the summer.  Howard and Ted were old enough for farm work and wanted to go, so it was decided we could get the Emporia home rented, or sell it, and build the one on the farm.  Perhaps the house was listed for sale - I do not remember - but some men with teams brought wagons from the farm to Emporia, and things we needed for the summer were loaded and taken to the farm.  Ruth and the boys went also as soon as school was closed about June 3.  Anna, Mamma, and I remained to put things in order and close the house, giving the others an opportunity to get the farm house ready for Mamma and the rest of us.

"The moving had been a strain on Mamma, although she had not been active physically, but we were ready to go on the train to Olivet by Friday or Saturday morning.  I remember Sunday was a hot, humid day as some early June days may be.  The rooms of the old house were small, and we had only a wood burning range to cook upon, which added to the summer heat.  Mamma rested in bed much of the day and seemed to be relaxing, as we were all together.  I think Minerva and some of her family were there on Sunday also."

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  1. I'm so enjoying following your progress on this quilt and the stories. A wonderful combination.


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