Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Double Wedding Ring Quilt Block and What's on Your Nightstand?

Double Wedding Ring Quilt Block

I've decided to participate in the monthly feature, What's on Your Nightstand?  Participants post what they've been reading the past month as well as what they're planning to read in the future.   

This month, I've been reading Wedding Ring by Emilie Richards.  It's July's selection for the online Quilters' Book Club

I enjoyed the book very much.  The author has worked as a relationship counselor, and this was very evident in the book, which realistically explores themes of loss and family relationships.  Here are several posts related to this book.

I'm in a local book club, Raspberry Mountain Readers, and so have been reading A Dog's Purpose by Bruce Cameron.  We'll be discussing it at our August meeting.  It's written from the dog's point of view, which always makes for an interesting read.  In a previous month, we read The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein, also from a dog's viewpoint.  It should be interesting to compare the two books!

My granddog Royer as a puppy

I've been relying a great deal this month on the Wildflowers of Colorado Field Guide (by Don Mammoser with Stan Tekiela) to help me identify the wildflowers I see on my walks.  I just purchased the Rocky Mountain States Wild Berries and Fruit Field Guide by Teresa Marrone to help me identify the berries I see.  Both books have excellent photographs as well as good descriptions of each plant. 

I purchased both books at our wonderful local independent bookstore, Covered Treasures, celebrating it's 20th birthday this month.  When I was a 3rd-4th grade teacher, my students wrote reviews of favorite books that were then kept in a notebook at the store - to help grandparents, aunts and uncles choose appropriate books for their young relatives.  The store celebrates Poem in Your Pocket Day each April and hosts author talks and signings.  The owner and staff are wonderful there! 

Finally this month, a teenage neighbor/friend and I listened to and discussed The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank.  She had read the play in her Language Arts class and then visited the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. with her school earlier this summer.  When we finished listening to the book, we watched the 1959 movie The Diary of Anne Frank and compared it to the book.  It was really fun for me to revisit both the book and movie.

What have you been reading this month?

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  1. I read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (the British version, not the American version). It was fun to see the differences in the English language. (Sometimes those Brits speak funny). I'm also reading a book another blogger sent me, 'Trouble in Mudbug.' It's a funny, murder mystery set in the Louisiana swamp. I tend to have several books going at the same time (that's why I can't ever find my bookmarks).

    1. I think the idea of a funny, murder mystery set in the swamps of Louisiana sounds interesting! And I've read British versions of other books. The differences in our language are interesting, even though we both speak English!

  2. I read "A Dog's Purpose" a while back and just took it to our choir book shelf at church. Members of the choir often exchange books when they are through reading them. It is especially handy because books in English are hard to find and expensive too. My daughter in Portland, OR has a "Sidewalk Library". You put out books you no longer want in a little house with a glass door along the sidewalk. Neighbors can take a book or leave a book or exchange a book.
    Like Cheryl, I have read the British version of Harry Potter all but the last book. When that one came out I was in the US and didn't want to buy that version. I am waiting to find it in a used book sale.
    I can really only read one book at a time. I am thinking of my block... making a wedding ring block with each ring's fabrics representing the four different women.

    1. I love your idea for your quilt block - with each ring's fabrics representing the four women. So creative! And I love the idea of a Sidewalk Library.

  3. What a great, diverse list!

  4. The Last Camilla by Sarah Jio. Her fourth book and I have snatch each one up as soon as they are published. Love your blog too.

  5. I enjoyed Emilie Richards' book so much that I am also reading another Shenandoah Album Novel, Endless Chain. At the same time I have started reading The Goodbye Quilt since I've already read Between Heaven and Earth.

  6. A busy month for me, so I have only managed, to read this months book club book. Why a wonderful read, I shed many tear whilst reading it and can't wait to read more about the characters.


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