Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Railroad Crossing Quilt Block and Walking Wednesdays

Railroad Crossing Quilt Block
Walking Wednesdays is a new weekly feature of my blog, focusing on my walks and the sites that I see along the way throughout the week.  Of course, I will tie each walking adventure into a quilt block! 

My husband and I walked 3 miles along the New Santa Fe Regional Trail, a 20-mile, gravel rail-trail along Colorado's Front Range.  The trail follows a portion of the abandoned Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railroad line and rises 1,200 feet in elevation as you travel north on it.  You can read more about the role of the railroad in my community here

We encountered other walkers as well as bicyclists on the trail - along with a Smooth Green Snake or Grass Snake!

The flowers of the Soapweed Yucca open fully only at night.

The chokecherry trees already had green berries on them.

This hand-hewn barn was originally built in Ohio in 1873. 
It was dismantled, relocated, and converted into office space. 
Isn't it a lovely building?
View along the New Santa Fe Regional Trail
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  1. Loved your photos Susan, great ,beautiful barn. Thanks for sharing you world with us.

  2. Ohio did produce some lovely things ... along with the nuts.
    Thanks for the nice hike.

  3. Thanks for sharing some more pictures of beautiful Colorado. The barn is so amazing & it's wonderful that someone saved that beauty! It is so sad to see once beautiful buildings in ruins. I wish more old buildings had been repurposed. I was sad when I moved back after being away for 20 years & discovered the majority of the old downtown & old homes had been demolished. Our city leaders wanted to stress our growing tech businesses & wanted us to only appear as looking progressive. There is nothing left to represent the town's long history as a farming community.

  4. Replies
    1. ...and interesting fabrics on the block!


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