Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July Parade Quilt Block and Story

4th of July Parade Quilt Block
I made this 4th of July Parade quilt block as part of an appliqued quilt about  my family.  The three boys here represent my three sons (now grown).

Here is the continuing story of our local 4th of July parade, written by my oldest son, Sean.  Enjoy!

Tradition of Parade Makes for Memories, Visits to the Dentist, continued

"There are days you look forward to as a kid - days you get presents, or get out of school, or go to your grandma's house.  Among these there are several candy days throughout the year.  You know, days when parents go soft, when candy supersedes all other food groups, and you eat until you get sick.  Living in Monument, July 4 is a Candy Day right up there with Easter egg hunts and Halloween trick-or-treating.

"To watch the parade is really to stand, weight forward and eyes alert, in the ready position to catch goodies thrown from floats as they pass.  Everybody gets in the act.  Kids dogpile on gravel with complete unconcern for bodily harm if only to snare one more Tootsie Roll.  Village Inn furnishes thousands of dum-dums for the occasion.  Soccer teams, Boy Scouts and Brownie troops stock bags of cheek-puckering, teeth-rotting treats to throw to the throngs.  Aware of the potentially vast cavity of impending disaster, and perhaps in sporting negligence of their own business, the dentist's office cruises by, hurling toothbrushes to counteract the superfluous sugar.

"The parade is an occasion for everyone, and for every sense.  Your ears get the brunt of the action on several occasions.  Muzzle-loaders in coonskin hats strut by with their guns, loading and reloading, pausing occasionally to let some poor, unsuspecting youngster pull the trigger, sending the surrounding half-mile into a tizzy.  An assembly of lads in kilts fills the air with the music of bagpipes, transforming Second Street into a miniature Edinburgh.  And bringing up the rear, announcing themselves from afar, is the procession of local fire engines.  The gathering of the area's finest machines, paint shimmering and hoses gleaming, projects its ear-splitting melodies for miles.

"Little children wave mini American flags and old men smile at memories.  Clowns wheel by laughing on unicycles.  The band marches up the street beating a constant rhythm.  There are old men in little cars and young men in old cars, girls riding horses and boys selling drinks.

"Every town should have a parade.  It is such an intricate part of Independence Day in Monument that for a while, I thought every town did.  It brings out the soul of the town in tradition and spirit, nostalgia and vitality.

"I just wish I wasn't too old for candy." 

Our latest family member, ready for the 4th of July!

 You might also enjoy reading the first part of the story here.


  1. I live in a small town (one traffic light) and we have Memorial Day Parade. We try not to miss it just for the reasons you state - pride in our town and pride in our country. Thank you for your "let's stop a minute and remember" blog post.

  2. I forgot to mention - adorable baby!

  3. Love the block and picture of your newest member of the family. I remember the Fourth of July parades and the fire department throwing out candy from the trucks and stuff. We would all gather with a picnic lunch for the fireworks later in the evening. Lots of fond memories.

  4. Maybe I don't miss parades because the only time I saw one growing up, is if I were marching in it. They were all held downtown ... a long way to go with no public transportation from where I lived. I do remember marching with my pipe band on St. Paddy's day with the center stripe of the street painted green. The avenue where my church is located has parades for many occasions, Halloween, and St. Patrick's day, and many Japanese holidays. They are usually held on the nearest Sunday and involve groups marching or dancing up one side and down the other. Can't say I've ever seen anyone throwing candy.

  5. Great block, story, and an adorable grand baby! Glad your parade day went well. We had flooding rains all day here so our parade was cancelled. It's still flooding rains today too. My garden is drowning.

  6. The block is cute as can be, and the baby is totally adorable!

  7. i LOVE the block! the story brought back memories of parades i've watched or been in over the years and the baby is just beautiful!!! iam sure you have him spoiled rotten and kissed those chubby cheecks as often as possible! he is adorable

  8. I love a parade! DH was in Traffic Enforcement so we always got a pretty good spot to watch. Your grandbaby is adorable.

  9. I drove my hubby's barbershop chorus in the parade this year. I've gotten to drive them several times in the past. It's fun!

  10. Great post. Love your block! What lovely family memories you have stored up. Such a cutie!!

  11. Love the block & the special memories that go with it. New memories in the making now for your precious little grandchild.
    Here in Australia we celebrate our National Day on January 26th , a BBQ breakfast is usually the way to celebrate & fireworks too. We tend not to go in for big parades here.

  12. Beautiful baby! The block is precious & I loved the parade article.

  13. Love it all - especially your new grandson!


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