Monday, July 22, 2013

My House Quilt - Ice Cream Shop Quilt Block

This fun Ice Cream Shop block is part of my House Block Bee Quilt - a cheery quilt that hangs in my classroom.

I participated in the on-line House Block Bee with eleven other quilters. We were each assigned a month by our queen bee. Before the first of my assigned month, I mailed out fabrics to the others to be used to make a house block for me. I purchased the blue fabric for the sky and the green fabric for the grass. I sent each person a couple of owls and a couple of children to be included in their block. Then I looked through my stash and included scraps to be used for houses, trees, etc. Each quilter could also add their own fabric, if they wished.  I just love the big ice cream cone out in front of the store!  This creative block is a wonderful addition to my quilt, I think.

Our local ice cream shop is not called Grandma's.  It's called the Rock House, and it has ice cream and more - delicious soups, salads, and sandwiches.  This popular shop is right across the street from the baseball field and within walking or bicycling distance from anywhere in town.  At the end of each school year, the elementary students bring $1 and walk down class by class to the Rock House for an ice cream cone.  It's a tradition and a highlight of the end of school.  The owner went to the same elementary school as a girl and is extremely friendly and welcoming.      

A silly poem to read while you're eating an ice cream cone:

Antonio, Antonio,
Was tired of living alonio,
   He thought he would woo
   Miss Lissamy Loo
Miss Lissamy Loo Molonio.

Antonio, Antonio,
Rode off on his polo-ponio.
   He found the fair maid
   In a bowery shade,
A-sitting and knitting alonio.

Antonio, Antonio,
Said, "If you will be my ownio,
   I'll love you true,
   And I'll buy for you,
An icery creamery conio!"

"Oh, nonio, Antonio! . . .
You're far too bleak and bonio!
   And all that I wish,
   You singular fish,
Is that you will quickly begonio."

Antonio, Antonio,
He uttered a dismal moanio;
   Then ran off and hid
   (Or I'm told that he did)
In the Anticatarctical Zonio.

                   - Laura E. Richards

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  1. What a cute idea for a house. The owl needs to wake up and enjoy the ice cream too.

  2. I love all these houses! You really can't appreciate them until you see the individual blocks. Makes me look forward to my Thursday ice cream dates with my husband at Brewster's every now and then.

  3. I adore this block & quilt, so cute! Love the way it's been quilted too, I wouldn't have thought of straight lines like that. I need to think outside the square sometimes & try new things.

  4. So cute! Thanks for sharing it with us!


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