Thursday, July 25, 2013

Whirlpool Quilt Block and Walking Wednesdays Part II

Whirlpool Quilt Block
This week for Walking Wednesdays, my friend and I continue our walk
in Salida, Colorado, along the Arkansas River.
"S" Mountain overlooking Salida
We had fun watching all of the different ways to float down the river. 
Here's a raft with oars.
 Armchair innertubes hooked together
Another raft with oars and a special chair for fishing
Children in life vests letting the current take them down the river
 A dog enjoying the trip down the river
Innertubers loving the challenge of the whitewater
 Kayakers practicing their moves and tricks
How long can he stay standing?

Lovely, old cottonwoods at Riverside Park line the river.
 Their trunks can be enormous!
Our favorite place to eat was the Boathouse Cantina.  We loved sitting on their covered patio overlooking the river, watching the rafters and kayakers.  The first time, we split the Duck Tostadas and the Flatiron Steak Burrito.  The next time, we split the Chorizo Green Chili Mussels and the Boater Burger.  We thought all of the food was delicious and the setting very relaxing.   
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  1. Okay, now you're just trying to make me jealous! :-D Truly, I do love the Rockies, and I love the fast, clear mountain streams. I very much enjoy your pictures and stories!

  2. Oh my, how refreshing that river looks after I have been outside working on house all day until our daily pouring down rain just came with it's glorious lightning and thunder. I want a river rafting trip. Wah wah! LOL!

    Love the quilt block. Those fabrics are great together.

  3. Another pretty quilt block! I love the pictures of the river & now I know I will have to visit there!


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