Monday, October 28, 2013

Cobblestones Quilt Block for My Curl Up with a Good Book Quilt

Cobblestones Quilt Block
Each Friday, I'm posting a block of my Curl Up with a Good Book Quilt, which I'm making as part of the online Quilters' Book Club.  This 12" Cobblestones quilt block represents the book A Single Thread by Marie Bostwick, which we read and discussed in March 2013.  The book takes place at a quilt shop called Cobbled Court Quilts in the fictional New England town of New Bern, Connecticut.  I thought a Cobblestones block represented Cobbled Court Quilts perfectly!  I used the Bricks and Cobblestones block here, using just the Cobblestones part. 

In the Quilters' Book Club, we read and discuss a quilt novel each month and then make a quilt block to represent each book.  I have long admired red and white quilts so decided to keep it simple and go with just two fabrics, Kona Snow and Kona Rich Red, for my blocks.
In November, we're going to be doing something a bit different.  We'll be reading Aunt Jane of Kentucky by Eliza Calvert Hall, written in 1898.  It comes highly recommended by author Sandra Dallas.  A community of volunteers converted the book to digital format.  If you have a Kindle or a Kindle app, you can get it from here.  (Thank you so much to member Mary Ann for this link!)  If you want to read it directly from your computer, you can do so here, courtesy of Project Gutenberg.  It's a public domain book so is available free in either format. 

Aunt Jane of Kentucky, a woman who made many quilts, once gave a poignant reason for her love of quilting: ". . . when I'm dead and gone there ain't anybody goin' to think o' the floors I've swept, and the tables I've scrubbed, and the old clothes I've patched . . . but when one of my grandchildren sees one o' these quilts, they'll think about Aunt Jane, and wherever I am, I'll know I ain't forgotten." Backwoods Home Magazine
We have another wonderful surprise for November.  Plume Books is offering a giveaway of two copies of Jennifer Chiaverini's latest book, An Elm Creek Quilts Companion, which isn't being released until the end of this month.  For those of you who are avid fans of Chiaverini's Elm Creek Quilts Series, I think you will love this book! 
This month, we've been reading State Fair by Earlene Fowler.  If you've read other Benni Harper mysteries, do you have one that you would recommend for a future Quilters' Book Club selection? Inquiring minds want to know!  Answer in the comment section below.  If you are reading via email, you must first click on the blog title to be able to comment and read the comments of others.  By commenting, you are entering your name in a giveaway for a $20 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop!  The more times you comment throughout the month, the greater your chances of winning!  A big thank you to Fat Quarter Shop for this wonderful giveaway!
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  1. I think I have read them all, starting with her first. I have enjoyed seeing the characters develop. I am always amused at all the side detail she throws in ... what people are wearing or eating etc. that has nothing to do with the plot. At first, I thought I might have to take notes ... just in case this was an important part of the story. I wouldn't mind re-visiting the older ones.

  2. I've read some other Benni Harper books, but it was years ago, so I don't remember which ones I'd recommend. I'm looking forward to next month's book.

  3. I have not read any other Benni Harper books. This is my 1st

  4. I have read most of her other Benni Harper books. I think it would be fun, though, to go back and reread some of the early ones--maybe the first in the series--to see how all this got started.

  5. I've read most of her books also but to start at the beginning would be fun

  6. This was my first so I have nothing to offer as recommendations.

  7. I love all the Bennie Harper books

  8. I have most of the Bennie Harper books, but, I've only read the first couple of books, and that was some time ago. I need to pull them out and reread them.


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