Monday, June 10, 2013

June Gardening Basket Quilt Block

This June Gardening Basket block is part of my Wooly Basket Calendar Quilt.  The pattern is from the Starry Pines Pattern Company:

I used wool for the hand-appliqued basket, cotton flannel for the background fabric, and black perle cotton for the embroidery.
Marigolds and Zinnias

You Never Hear the Garden Grow
Row on row,
you never hear the garden
Seeds split.
Roots shove and reach.
Earth heaves.
Leaves unfurl,
Stems pierce the
Pea pods fatten.
stretch and curl.
Such growing
going on
without a sound.
                   Lilian Moore

Mysterious and gracious God,
The rhubarb has been harvested and we wait for more.
The berries are ripening.
The peas and potatoes and carrots are growing in the garden-
And we remember.
We remember our labor in preparing the soil
And in burying the seeds,
And we remember our time of waiting while you did your work-
And now the harvest is a visible promise.

So today we bring to you our other work-
The hopes we have for our children,
The dreams we have for peace.
We bring those labors to you, ready for your work,
And we offer our faith, waiting for the harvest.


George R. Pasley
June 20, 2013
Ketchikan Alaska

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  1. Great poem Susan. And what a lovely basket quilt.

  2. Great basket block. Love the flowers.

  3. Love it,like handwork too.patriciagraham265

  4. Love the basket and the poem! I was just out in my backyard reading Alice's Tulips and looked up and saw my first tomato of the year! It's green and the size of a golf ball. Did not see it yesterday while I was wanting bee's to come to pollinate.

  5. This quilt is just adorable!! Love the poem too, it really makes you stop & think of what goes on around us all the time. We need to take the time to stop & enjoy it.

  6. Cute quilt! The poem reminds me that I need to take time to relax and listen to the garden grow.

  7. Beautiful Geraniums.. my second favorite annual flower after violas.. and the block is grand too


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