Sunday, September 18, 2011

Checkerboard Quilt Block

     The 6" version of this Checkerboard pattern can be found in The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt by Laurie Aaron Hird.  I made it an 8-1/2" block by making each square 2" finished.  I fussycut the flower squares.  
     In this diary entry, Uncle Will Young, Mamma's younger brother, is visiting them.  Harriet's Mamma, Alberta Emily Young Woodbury, died in 1913.  Alberta's parents have also died, so Uncle Will is their connection to Mamma's family. 
     "Pit is a fast-paced card game for three to eight players, designed to simulate open outcry bidding for commodities.  The game was developed for Parker Brothers and first sold in 1904"  (Wikipedia). 
     Howard is Harriet's younger brother who is attending pre-college in Manhattan, 95 miles away.  Harriet is studying for a journalism class she's taking by correspondence from Kansas University.

Wednesday, March 1, 1916 -
"March certainly came in like a lion - it has been misting and freezing and blowing all day. 

"The children with Uncle Will and Papa have been having a very exciting game of Pit this evening at which I came out the winner.  Then we had apples and water for refreshments, and I have written a letter to Howard since.

"I have been working quite a bit today.  There is a lot to do when we have no help.  I made a couple of lovely lemon pies in honor of Uncle Will this A.M.  It is his favorite pie, and I always make some for him.  Then I had to churn and didn't get it finished until afternoon.  I had a little doze and studied some and then dressed for supper.  I'm so sleepy I can't write anymore." 
Hattie's Maternal Grandfather with Some of His Children
Taken December 20, 1899 in Quenemo, Kansas, by Drum Rail Road Photo Car
Back Row:  Will Young (uncle), Ella Young Mills (aunt), Andrew Jackson Young (uncle)
Front: Anna Young Wiley (aunt), Nathaniel E. Young (grandfather), Alberta Young Woodbury (mother)

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  1. That is really cute! Love the yellow background. It seems like a good choice to set off the colored fabrics you used for the sqaures. Your points look awesome!

  2. I love this! What a great idea and tribute to your grandmother! Lemon pie, butter the yellow fabric is perfect, good job:-)

  3. I'm really enjoying reading these. FYI - my family played Pit quite often when I was younger. We still play every once in a while.


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