Saturday, September 10, 2011

Maltese Cross Quilt Block

     The King's Daughters is an interdenominational Christian service organization that began in 1886, whose focus is to lend a hand in service to others: "Not to be ministered unto, but to minister" Mark 10:45.  In her diary, my grandmother always refers to this group as the KD's.  I thought it was just a local club but found out on-line that there are groups across the United States and Canada still today.
     Their symbol is a little silver Maltese cross.   I found the pattern for this 8" quilt block at  My good friend Doris (a non-quilter) went to the Netherlands last year to visit friends, found a fabric shop, and brought back this fabric for me.  It looks like polished cotton, with a sheen to it.   

Friday, February 11, 1916 -
"I feel as if I never wanted to venture out again after my experience of today.  It was bright part of this A.M. - although a little foggy at times, but I never thought of it turning so disagreeable.  It wasn't hardly cloudy when Papa brought the horse to the gate, but oh the wind was fierce!  Mrs. Mc had invited the King's Daughters up to crochet, talk business, and put our clock in the church.  It seemed like it took me all P.M. to go, and I was the first one there.  Pretty soon May ran in, and Griffie came after school.  We elected ourselves as officers and put ourselves on all the committees, hung the clock, and had 'lickin' good eats' - as we usually do at Mrs. Mc's house.  I started home sometime after 5:30, but it had begun to mist and it grew dark so early and, of course, I couldn't make Luke go faster than a slow plod.  I thought I would never get home!  I got so wet and cold, and the last bell rang just as I got down the Ely Hill.  Of course, the folks were worried, and Ted was going to get on Rag and start after me when he found me there at the barn.  I wouldn't have blamed Papa for scolding, but Mother was so glad to see me she wouldn't let him, so he didn't say much and I think my experience was enough of a lesson to me.

"May gave me a pretty new lace pattern, and I have been taking that off this evening.  I don't think my tatting pattern is going to work."

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  1. What gorgeous fabric your friend imported for you! It made a lovely block.

    I had to smile when Hattie describes "lickin' good eats". Sounds like a good country expression! My husband will say that sometimes when he particularly likes something I have made but leaves off the word "eats". I consider it the highest of praise. His family was from central IL and KY so you wouldn't think it was a regional saying, necessarily.

  2. I always find your post so informative! Thank you!


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