Friday, March 7, 2014

Snow Churn Quilt Block and The Simple Woman's Daybook

Snow Churn Quilt Block Pattern Information

I am joining up today with The Simple Woman's Daybook

The Simple Woman's Daybook for March 7, 2014

Outside my window . . . it's snowing.  It's a nice, wet snow without wind and is just beautiful.  It's been snowing since this morning and is supposed to snow for 16 more hours.  I have nowhere I have to go and am happy to be home.  

I am thankful . . . for a warm home, good books to read, and quilts to sew. 
In the kitchen . . . I will soon be making Lasagna for supper tonight, using the meat sauce I made in quantity earlier and froze for such a night as this.  You can find the meat sauce recipe right here and the lasagna recipe right here.

I am hearing . . . E. B. White reading his wonderful Charlotte's Web on my CD player while I drink pomegranate blueberry tea (from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf) and write this post. 

I am creating . . . a grocery cart cover for my grandson this week-end.  I've never made one, so I feel a little nervous about getting it right.

I am going . . .  to enjoy tonight and tomorrow at home while it snows.  I have plenty of things to keep me busy! 

I am reading . . . A Drunkard's Path by Clare O'Donohue for the Quilters' Book Club.  It's a cozy mystery - the second in A Someday Quilts Mystery series.  I'm enjoying it so far.  Last Friday, I was off work because I had parent-teacher conferences the two nights before, and  I read Before I Go to Sleep by S. J. Watson - all 359 pages of it!  I'm anticipating an interesting discussion at my next Raspberry Mountain Readers meeting.  And I finished Susan Branch's A Fine Romance: Falling in Love with the English Countryside.  I love all of Susan's books, but I think this is her best one yet.  If you have never read any of her hand-lettered books with her lovely watercolor illustrations, check this one out!
I am hoping . . . for a foot of snow!  The more snow we have, the better our chances of having a wildfire-free summer.  
I am looking forward to . . . getting together with two of my sons and their families (my daughters-in-law and grandson).  What fun!
I am remembering . . . lunch that my husband and I had with our youngest son last week.  Good memories!
Around the house . . . I am continuing to create a grandchildren's room.  Exciting to see it come together! 
I am pondering . . . how best to teach my reading students for the remainder of the school year.  I really want them to have excellent decoding skills and to become lifelong readers who love books!

One of my favorite things . . . getting together with my sisters once a month.  Last Saturday we got together for a 10-hour Call the Midwife marathon!

A few plans for next week . . . meeting with my book club and with my Persian Pickles quilting group - such good times with friends.  And getting my haircut.  Hurrah!

What are you looking forward to?  Inquiring minds want to know! By commenting, you'll be entering to win a copy of A Time for Peace (Quilts of Lancaster County) by Barbara Cameron.  If you are reading this via email, you must click on the title of my blog post to be able to comment and read the comments of others.  The winner will be announced on April 1.

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  1. I'm looking forward to getting together with my mom tomorrow.

  2. The snow is receding and sunshine is in the forecast for tomorrow! I'm looking forward to taking a nice long walk with my husband and soaking up some long awaited warmth.

  3. Yesterday the city began to dig for a drain along our street. I am looking forward to Wednesday when they will finish because they promised to make the pavement slant toward the drain so we will no longer have a lake each time it rains. (They also promised to protect my flower strip from the hot asphalt with wooden boards. I was afraid they would just dig out all my bulbs and fill it in with pavement.

  4. My sister is coming over tonight and we're going to watch the first two Hunger Games movies. I'm hoping to get three Farmer's Wife blocks done before she comes.

  5. Today was a warm 64 degrees here in Western North Carolina and I took full advantage of all the sunshine. My best friend made it girls day shopping. Boy we really caught some great sales. I needed a new pair of everyday shoes that were not sneakers and I lucked up with 50% off then a additional 30% off then another 20% off. What a deal.. Tonight I plan on putting some quilt pieces together and hopeful try some free motion quilting .

    Next week we plan on going to thrift shops where I can find mens shirts to debone and cut in strips good size scraps of cloth from the shirts to use in my quilting..All my quilting is from scrap cloth. I only scrap quilt. I learned that from Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville.

    I have 3 quilts in the works and have no idea when the end of the tunnel is, I just hope I get them finished before summer,
    Happy reading and quilting

  6. Sunshine. Today was gloomy but warmer. Next week we are getting our two younger grands for a few days over Spring Break. Maybe we will sew; they enjoy that.

  7. I loved reading your daybook entry. The books you have mentioned have been added to my list of 'possibles to read', especially the someday Quilt Mysteries - I like the sound of those. I read Before I Go To Sleep in one go as well.

    I'm looking forward to my holiday in May.
    Eileen @ In My Playroom


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