Thursday, March 13, 2014

March Wishing for Spring Basket Block

Pattern Information

Is It Robin O’Clock?

Is it robin o’clock?
Is it five after wing?
Is it quarter to leaf?
Is it nearly time for spring?

Is it grass to eleven?
Is it flower to eight?
Is it half-past snowflake?
Do we still have to wait?

by Eve Merriam

It’s Time for Spring

My sweater’s tight and itchy.
My snow pants are too small.
Last week I lost a mitten.
I can’t find my scarf at all!

My woolen socks have lost their toes.
My boots have lost their tread.
And I have lost the love I had
for words like “skis” and “sled”!

But … my fishing rod still fits.
And … my baseball bat still hits.
I have a kite that wants to fly.
So … Winter, call it quits!

by Bobbi Katz

What is your favorite part about spring?  Inquiring minds want to know!  Please write your questions in the comment section below.  By commenting, you'll be entering to win a copy of A Time for Peace (Quilts of Lancaster County) by Barbara Cameron.  If you are reading this via email, you must click on the title of my blog post to be able to comment and read the comments of others.  The winner will be announced on April 1.

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  1. I love the bluebonnets blooming in the Texas hill country. That is my favorite part of spring.

  2. My garden is a spring garden - full of things that flower and smell. So that is my favourite Spring thing.

  3. My favorite thing here in Japan is walking along the streets under the cherry trees, their scent filling the air and the petals falling and drifting like pink snow.

  4. Tulips are my favorite flower, after roses, of course! What I like about tulips is the hardiness and the assurance that there is life after snow. In spring I decorate my house with tulips, real, silk, and quilted. Tulips also represent part of my family heritage.

  5. Cute block and boy do we ever wish it was Spring already! Kathy Aho in MN

  6. I can't wait to see things turning green and popping up from the ground! That's the best part of spring! Not having to wear a down jacket is my second favorite part.

  7. I'm posting this for Margaret D from Scotland: For me the arrival of the snowdrops in mid-February reminds us all that Spring is just around the corner. I love crocus which attract bumblebees and tortoiseshell butterflies out of their winter sleep on warmer sunnier days. I love the nodding yellow daffodils' smiling trumpets and petals. But most of all, I love being able to go for a walk when it is sunny without having to wear skin protection or a sunhat, just put my face to the sun and get some well-earned Vitamin D back into the old body!

    Margaret D (In Scotland and feeling very pleased as I have done my last late-night Parents' Evening ….ever)

  8. Color!!!!! Spring brings lots of color to the winter gray landscape.


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