Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March Redwork Snowman and Spring Daffodils


Our March weather has been very strange, even for Colorado!  One day it's snowing, the next day it's blue skies and sunshine.  Yesterday, I even received two warnings on my phone about a dust storm, which was definitely a first.  I never saw any dust, but we certainly had a snow storm!  Today, we're back to blue skies and sunshine.


When I went out to play
  The day had just begun.
“Put on your coat,” said the wind.
  “Take off your coat,” said the sun.
Now who was in the right?
  And which advice was better?
I solved the problem for myself –
  I just put on my sweater.

by Leland B. Jacobs  

No daffodils outside but two bunches on my dining room table!


I wandered lonely as a cloud
that floats on high o’er vales and hills,
when all at once I saw a crowd,
a host of golden daffodils;
beside the lake, beneath the trees,
fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

William Wordsworth

What is your favorite spring flower?  Inquiring minds want to know! By commenting, you'll be entering to win a copy of A Time for Peace (Quilts of Lancaster County) by Barbara Cameron. If you are reading this via email, you must click on the title of my blog post to be able to comment and read the comments of others. The winner will be announced on April 1.

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  1. So cute with the kite. And in some places, there has been enough snow for a snowman in March.

  2. I love seeing the Johnny Jump-ups that reseed in my garden. I love the daffodils, too. Your March block is perfect! We'd love to be flying kites, but we got 6 more inches of snow yesterday! Can you tell me where you got the patterns for the stitchery! I love them.

  3. A poet could not but be gay in such a jocund company!...I love that poem. The hill I lived on was often called "Daffodil Hill" because the forest floor was covered with daffodils every spring. I would be hard put to pick a favorite. The plum is most awaited because it is the harbinger in my garden. Sweet Daphne has a delightful smell. Tiny forget-me-nots were given me years ago by my son and seed themselves in the planter. Just too many to choose from....

  4. My favorite flowers are those I don't plant (because they have a better chance of living). Seriously though I love crocus and daffodils. Always the first sign of Sprinjg. By the way, Happy Spring! Officially starts today. When I saw your lovely redwork it reminded me of the new movie Frozen where the snowman sings about the wanting to play under the warmth of the song and go on picnics, etc. :)

  5. My favorite flower is the sunflower. I love the size and brightness of the sunflower.

  6. My favorite spring flower is hyacinth. But I really love all flowers.

  7. Crocus just bloomed Monday so they are favorites because they usually are first of spring. I really love hyacinths; love the smell. They have been pushing up for some time.


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