Thursday, August 23, 2012

Snow Churn Quilt Block

     I was really pleased to find this Snow Churn block because it combines the ideas of extreme cold as well as buttermaking found in these diary entries.  I reduced the 12" block down to 6".    
     In these diary entries, Hattie is busy finishing up Christmas gifts.  The weather has turned extremely cold.  Mary, Minerva, and Ruth are Hattie's older sisters.  Ted is her younger brother, and Jesse is a hired man.       

Tuesday, December 19, 1916 -
"Here I am enthroned upon the stool in the bathroom, writing like mad for it's past 10:30.  I have been busy as usual, embroidery and sewing lace on a towel and for a wonder am not very sleepy.

"We finished the ironing this morning, and I was busy all afternoon.  Mary made some underwear for the dolls we are dressing for the three nieces.  I gave a few suggestions, and the afternoon was gone. 

"Mother went in this morning to do a little trading and stayed for dinner with Minerva.  This afternoon it turned very cold suddenly and coming home, she froze her fingers.  Of course, she didn't drive fast at all, and she had on two pairs of tight gloves, which allowed no circulation.  She is in quite a bit of pain tonight, but I hope she will be better in the morning.

Oh, it's so cold tonight, I sure pity the poor people who are not well protected.  I am certainly thankful for my home and bed!"

Wednesday, December 20, 1916 -
"I am writing this Thursday because someone had carried away my pen and ink, and I sat downstairs working until everyone else had retired.  Jesse and Ted could not get the plant started, so I worked by the light of an old coal oil light until it burned almost dry.  Then I had to go up.  But I was glad of the excuse, for I sure was tired.  I was pretty busy all day sewing, embroidering, etc.  It was frightfully cold, too.  And I didn't sleep very comfortably the night before, as it got so cold there in the sewing room.  The French doors are rather airish, and I was sleeping alone.  I lay cramped after about three o'clock and actually wished for morning to come."

Thursday, December 21, 1916 -
"Another very cold and very busy day.  The plant is frozen, so we are almost doing without lights and water.  I am writing downstairs in the living room by a coal oil lamp and will probably go to bed with a candle.  Ruth and I crawled in together in the guest room last night and slept very comfy.  I have nearly all my gifts finished but intend to sew on doll clothes tomorrow.  Mary has made the dresses for the three dolls, and I am to make the underwear on the machine.  I have been sewing most all day, except that I took time off about 5 o'clock and made a nice roll of butter.  Hope it will last until after Christmas.

"Everyone else has deserted me, so I'll hie me upward."

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  1. Yes, that block fits quite nicely.
    (I've failed this robot test 4 times already and the one I see now is not looking too promising).

  2. The yellow is so cheery! Nice addition to the quilt.

  3. One other thing---I was just admiring your mosaic of quilt blocks for like, the umpteenth time. I love how you are using such a mix of background colors in the blocks. Yeah a few are lighter in tone but mostly it looks like each block is a "jewel", a standalone project. I plan on doing something similar on mine----once I get done w/the other half of my current project, that is.

  4. I'd like to make this block, are measurements available anywhere?

    1. In the post above, click the link to the block pattern at The Quilter's Cache, Merrily.


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