Friday, November 22, 2013

Storm Signal Quilt Block and a Snow Day

At 5:40 A.M., I received a phone call, letting me know that we're having a Snow Day today!  It's really more of an Ice Day.  We don't have so much snow, but there is a lot of ice on the roads, making traveling treacherous.  This was the poem my students read yesterday!   
Snow Day
Snow day,
Ten-below day,
Bundle-up-and-go day.
Pile three deep
On the old wooden sled,
Snow-crusted jackets,
Cheeks frozen red.
Scrunch, crunch, scrunch,
Boots punch holes in snow.
From three small balls,
Watch a snowman grow.
Cocoa sipping,
Cookie dipping,
One free night
Of homework skipping.
A friend’s toboggan
Is ours to borrow –
Please let there be
No school tomorrow!

by Carol H. Stewart
So instead of my morning being spent here:
I am spending it here binding a quilt,

making Cheese Soup,

seeing snowy views out the window,
and remembering this:
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  1. Love the photo of the boys! Time flies!!!! The cold front came to Texas last night and all we have is a cloudy and rainy day. Love your classroom! Stay warm.

  2. What a wonderful photo and memory to have! Enjoy your fireside.

  3. I remember the wonderful snow days, both for me and for the kids. Great pictures!

  4. What a beautiful fireplace.
    I have never had cheese soup.
    Love the snow photos


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