Friday, November 8, 2013

Prairie Queen Quilt Block for My Curl Up with a Good Book Quilt

On Fridays, I've posted a block of my Curl Up with a Good Book Quilt, which I'm making as part of the online Quilters' Book Club.  This Prairie Queen quilt block represents the book The Persian Pickle Club by Sandra Dallas, which we read and discussed in February 2013.  The book takes place on the Kansas prairies, and the main character is named Queenie - so there couldn't be a more perfect block to represent this book!  The pattern for a 12" Prairie Queen block can be found at Quilters Cache here

In the Quilters' Book Club, we read and discuss a quilt novel each month and then make a quilt block to represent each book.  I have long admired red and white quilts so decided to keep it simple and go with just two fabrics, Kona Snow and Kona Rich Red, for my blocks.
For November, we're doing something a bit different.  We're reading Aunt Jane of Kentucky by Eliza Calvert Hall, written in 1898.  It comes highly recommended by author Sandra Dallas.  A community of volunteers converted the book to digital format.  If you have a Kindle or a Kindle app, you can get it from here.  (Thank you so much to member Mary Ann for this link!)  If you want to read it directly from your computer, you can do so here, courtesy of Project Gutenberg.  It's a public domain book so is available free in either format. 

Aunt Jane of Kentucky, a woman who made many quilts, once gave a poignant reason for her love of quilting: ". . . when I'm dead and gone there ain't anybody goin' to think o' the floors I've swept, and the tables I've scrubbed, and the old clothes I've patched . . . but when one of my grandchildren sees one o' these quilts, they'll think about Aunt Jane, and wherever I am, I'll know I ain't forgotten." Backwoods Home Magazine
If you're a member of this Quilters' Book Club, are you reading the books and making the quilt blocks, just reading the books, or reading the books and planning to make the quilt blocks later?  Inquiring minds want to know!  Please reply in the comments sections below for a chance to win a copy of Jennifer Chiaverini's just-released book, An Elm Creek Quilts Companion, courtesy of Plume Books.  For those of you who are avid fans of Chiaverini's Elm Creek Quilts Series, I think you will love this book!

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  1. I am reading Aunt Jane now. I am new to your blog and starting following 1-2 weeks ago. I am not a member of the book club but think about it; I am a reader. I have never made a quilt. Year ago I did hand piece several patterns and blocks but made them all into pillows. I am considering trying to do some hand pieced blocks again. I also just finished reading the Persian Pickle club today. I enjoy your blog; thank you.

  2. I read Aunt Jane several years ago and enjoyed it immensely. I just downloaded to my Kindle and am re-reading it; still very enjoyable.
    I am a member and am reading the books (I started late and am catching up), but I don't have time to make the blocks--maybe later.

  3. I always seem to be a bit behind on both the reading and the block making. I have made blocks from February through September and am still pondering patterns for the October book. I found some I like but I really want a block with more than just two or three fabrics. I have not yet gotten the book for November and have been way too busy with other aspects of life to get started.
    Susan, I wish I could pick a block as easily as you seem to do.

  4. I have just started in this club last month. I did read the book and so far have made five blocks.
    I am making a baby quilt in whites , yellows & greens.
    I have done them in different sizes and will join them some how.
    I have not started this months book. Have been too busy visiting my mum in hospital.
    I have it on my kindle so hopefully I will get to it soon.

  5. I am reading the book..well..have read very little on computer on this new one. Just tried to download the Kindle App onto my tablet..yes it can be done but the print is too small for me to figure it out on my Tablet. I can make the print bigger but have to scroll back and forth which is cumbersome. So, came here to try to figure it out on the big computer and then will try again on the Tablet.

    I am not making the blocks because I already have made enough samplers and have 3 other sampler quilts in the makings this year. One is a local quilt shop block of the month in yellow, black, white and gray. The other two are in batiks. One of the batiks is 9 1/2 inch unfinished blocks and the other is 12 1/2 inch unfinished blocks. Let's not talk about all the other projects going on right now. Still working on that hooked primitive rug too. LOL!

  6. I'm just reading the books. Too many projects lined up already, that are NOT done.

  7. I have finished the book on my Kindle app. I enjoyed it very much. I've been a part of the book club for several months now. I have only read the books, but I would like to make a sampler quilt and love how you find blocks that go with the stories. Maybe I can start on the blocks soon.


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