Saturday, November 9, 2013

November House Quilt Block

This 12"  November House quilt block is part of my Calendar of Houses Bee Quilt.  A friend and I organized this on-line bee a couple of years ago after being members of two previous on-line bees.
There were thirteen of us in the bee - from the United States as well as England and New Zealand.  Every month, each of us made a block for a member and a different member made a block for us.  The house design was to represent that month.  

A bee member from Missouri made this block for me.  It is full of details, so look closely!  (I made the photo extra large to make those details easier to see.)  Do you see the woman in the window cooking in the kitchen - getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner?  I think the boy is trying to steal a nibble of something good before dinner!  And the girl in the other window might be setting the table.  In the bottom right corner of the block, Carla pieced a wonderful turkey.  Can you find it?  She's also added some Thanksgiving-appropriate selvage labels - Harvest Celebration, Forest Hills, and Four Seasons - below the sidewalk.  I would never have thought of doing that!  And I love all of the different fall fabrics that she included in the block.  

It is such a joy to reach into your mailbox and find a bee package, containing a block you would never have thought to make.  It was fun being a part of this creative group!

This quilt hangs in my classroom and adds so much color and joy.

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