Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Starry Pines Quilt Block and Walking Wednesdays

Welcome to Walking Wednesdays and my walks taken during the past two weeks around my neighborhood.  Even though we've had some beautiful fall weather, you can tell we're heading towards winter.

The trees are bare.
The birds have flown.
What’s going to grow
This year has grown.
The leaves fall down
And then get burned,

As autumn slowly gets winturned.
by Douglas Florian

The rose hips are still on the wild rose bushes, but the branches are bare.

The aspen trees have lost their leaves.

The leaves of the Scrub Oak trees have all turned brown,

 and many of the leaves have fallen off the trees.

This Scrub Oak leaf clings tenaciously to its branch!
 It's wonderful to see the evergreens amid all the brown!
Berries of the Rocky Mountain Juniper 

with its reddish-brown, shreddy bark

Ponderosa Pine needles

Douglas Fir with pinecones

Are you heading towards winter where you live or are you still in the middle of autumn?  Inquiring minds want to know!  Please answer in the comment section below. 

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  1. We're definitely heading toward winter here in MN. We've had a show shower or two and are looking toward another one and lower temps on Friday. I love the poem and pictures. The picture of the aspen trees has the some coloring as the field in back of my house.

  2. We're in the 40F as a high and mid 20s at night. Lately we have some rain so it is so much fun waking up to scraping ice off the door to get in. Still we have enough color left on the trees to make it pretty and soon it will be snow and I love that too.

  3. I'm in the mountains in California, and we're looking for a foot of snow tomorrow!
    What part of the country do you live in? Looks a lot like here ...

  4. A few cool nights have pushed the trees into a touch more color. I took a few pictures yesterday but have been too busy with my project to write up a post and show them off.

  5. Lucky us down here in Australia are heading in to summer at the start of December.
    Today we had a beautiful 23degrees Celcius.
    It was a lovely sunny day.
    No sleeves sitting in the sun at a cafe with my daughter for lunch.

  6. We only got a few days of fall here. We went from capri's to long sleeves, almost overnight. I wanted fall. Oh well.

  7. It is amazing all the contrast of colors and textures still around at this time of the year.

    In Oregon there is always some color. With the evergreen trees and all the other plants, I feel privileged to live here.

    I tend to look more at nature since reading your posts.

    Thanks for opening my eyes.


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