Tuesday, August 20, 2013

State Flower Quilt and a Classroom Ready and Waiting

My State Flower Quilt is hanging in the hallway leading to my room.
The map is rolled down, so students can locate the setting of a story.
My House Block Bee Quilt brightens the room.
The couch, bean bag, and pillow pals make reading fun.
Plenty of resources are ready to help me teach.
My crayon lamp makes children laugh. 
They always ask if the crayons will melt.  (They don't!)
A quilter definitely teaches here!
While You Are Sleeping, School . . .
Turns on a light,
sighs goodnight
to bulletin boards,
at poems dangling
on paper trees,
cut-out bees,
of coats,
shuffling of shoes,
friends whispering
in twos . . .
the rattle
of spelling words,
then scratching
of pencils,
a friendship song,
a jumping jack,
buses bringing
children back.
       Rebecca Kai Dotlich
What memories do you have of first days of school?  Inquiring minds want to know!
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  1. I love your classroom! Any child would feel welcome and comfortable there, I'm sure.

  2. Today my #4 daughter went to set up her classroom. She is looking forward to the year. My birthday was on October 31st,the cut-off day, so I was always the youngest kid in the class. My twin was ready but I was not prepared to be beaten for using my left hand. I used to hide in the bushes at the corner of the block all day and wait for the kids to go home. When my brother asked where I had been I told him I was there and made up stories of what we did to my parents. One day the weather got cold and nasty and I went home early thinking the others would be coming soon. I got caught and punished at home. Next day at school I had to spend the day in the cloak room for punishment. I do recall many days in that cloak room.

  3. I was a very shy child so I always dreaded the first days of school & the queasy stomachs each morning of the 1st few days. I LOVE your classroom! Your classroom is so welcoming & full of special things to see.

  4. Your State Flowers Quilt is just lovely. Great job!

  5. I remember the first night after the first day better. Way back then, we didn't get our supplies list until the first day of school. EVERYONE had to go out and buy supplies after the first day of school. CRAZY! My sons have to deal with it in college.


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