Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gold Nuggets Quilt Block and Walking Wednesdays

Gold Nuggets Quilt Block
My husband and I went on a 5 Kilometer (3.1 mile) Volksmarch in Breckenridge, Colorado.  Volksmarch is a German word which means "people march."  Volksmarches happen in every state.  The trails take you through a scenic or historic route, and clear directions and maps are provided.  Check it out at

Breckenridge was first established as a mining town when gold was discovered along the Blue River in 1859.  It now thrives on tourism and the ski industry.
 The walk first took us on the Blue River Rec Path
beside the beautiful Blue River.
This statue is dedicated to the 10th Mountain Division.  After being trained in the Colorado Rockies, these soldiers helped win victories in the European mountains during World War II.  On their return home, they helped the growth of Colorado's recreational ski industry. 
We then traveled through downtown Breckenridge, with lots of beautiful flowers!
 Isn't this Story Time sculpture wonderful?
Next, we walked to the Rotary Snow Plow Park.
Long ago, this snowplow at the front of the train enabled the train to clear the tracks so it could reach Breckenridge and other mountain towns during the winters.
 Finally, we saw the Father Dyer Church.
John Lewis Dyer began as a miner and farmer in Wisconsin and Minnesota.  In 1859, he traveled to Colorado because he wanted to see Pikes Peak.  He walked most of the way.  He was appointed as an itinerate Methodist preacher and circuit rider to the mining camps.  He bought the land and built this chapel at his own expense.  On August 22, 1880, he conducted the very first service held in a church on the western slope of Colorado.  He was 68 years old.  Father Dyer, as he is lovingly known, is considered one of the sixteen founders of the state of Colorado.
Father Dyer is called the Snow-Ski Preacher.  In winters, he traveled from mining camp to mining camp on his twelve-foot-long skis so he could preach. 
Although it has been added to and changed over the years, the Father Dyer Church is still an active Methodist church.  People were cleaning and getting ready for Sunday services while we were there.
Thank you for joining me on this Walking Wednesday!  You might also enjoy reading my previous blog post here. 


  1. Beautiful pics and history! my Son and DIL are moving to colorado springs end of September and everytime I see pics of Colo. it just makes me realize just why they want too!

  2. Beautiful pictures once again! Thanks for also sharing the stories. This walk is one more example of why I love Colorado so much. I've never visited Breckenridge so now I know I must!

  3. Love the colors in your block and that trek through Breckenridge. I love Colorado. Thanks for giving me something to go back and see, but not in the winter! :) Although love the snow too. Really enjoyed the mosaics on the windows.

  4. All the pictures are great and the history lesson along with it is great. How about that snow plow on the front of the train...I never thought about how that was done. Thank you for all you share with us!!

  5. You sure takes some interesting walks!

  6. LOVE the Walking Wednesdays! It is a real treat to share your walks with such gorgeous pictures & history. I like the Gold Nugget block too.

  7. OK, big problem here. Much as I love to sew and quilt, if I had that kind of beauty within a short distance, I would get no sewing done. I had a sewing space at one time that looked out directly on Lake Erie. I thought it would be wonderful. It was except that I would find myself leaning on my chin watching the water. Oh, Beautiful blocks!

    Kathy in NE Ohio


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