Thursday, August 15, 2013

Church House Quilt Block and Walking Wednesdays

This week's Walking Wednesdays takes place in Historic Downtown Monument.

I walked by some historical buildings.

The Sheldon Jackson Memorial Chapel is the oldest church house in Monument. In 1874, Presbyterians founded their congregation with help from Reverend Sheldon Jackson, pioneer church builder. Jackson established over 100 congregations throughout the American western frontier, including Alaska.
This building, known affectionately as "Big Red," was built in 1919. It was designed by Mr. Thomas MacLaren, an architect in Colorado Springs, and named after Inez Johnson Lewis.  Mrs. Lewis, the El Paso County Superintendent of Schools, consolidated the one-room school districts so that students could receive a high school education in Monument.  "Big Red" now houses the district offices for the Lewis-Palmer School District.
 As a reading teacher, I really love this sculpture close to "Big Red."
I discovered a couple of other sculptures in town. 
It's amazing what you notice when you look closely!
 I love the beautiful flowers beds planted along the sidewalks.

Limbach Park is named for Henry Limbach, who platted the Monument town site in 1874. He became the first mayor when the town incorporated in 1879.  His wife Caroline was a dress and hat maker.  Our summer concerts are held here.
I spotted a fun mailbox
and a humorous sign in a flower bed in front of a restaurant.

I stopped at the Farmer's Market, held every Saturday in the summer.
Do you have a farmer's market near you that you like to visit?  Inquiring minds want to know! 
Thank you for joining me this week on Walking Wednesdays!  You might also enjoy reading my previous blog post here. 


  1. Love the pictures!

    We have a Saturday farmers market just two walking blocks from my home during summer of local farmers goods.

    We also have the State Farmers Market a few miles away that has been there a very long time. Been going since I can remember.

    I also have a garden in the back yard that is drowning. We have had maybe a total of 5 days that we have not had rain and I mean a lot of rain, since May. It's pouring right now. I have 5 surviving tomato plants out of 14. Squash is gone. Cucumbers are barely there. Peppers are hanging on.

  2. Our little town has and equally small farmers market, but we enjoy it anyway. Love the locally grown goodies. Our gardens are doing well with some veggies and not so well with others, not warm enough for the tomatoes to ripen, the plants are a complete jungle and loaded with fruits, just not ripening. The joys and trials of being a gardener. 8-)

  3. We enjoy several Farmer's Markets within close driving distance. I'm very thankful to have them since the squirrels in my neighborhood & water rationing have ended my vegetable gardening years.


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