Monday, August 12, 2013

August Quilting Bee Basket Block

This August Quilting Bee Basket block is part of my Wooly Basket Calendar Quilt.  The pattern is from the Starry Pines Pattern Company:

I used wool for the hand-appliqued basket, cotton flannel for the background fabric, and black perle cotton for the embroidery. 

I'm in the Front Range Modern Quilt Guild.  We meet on a Saturday from 10 - 12.  We usually have a speaker or program, and we always have Show and Tell. Last month, the 5-year-old daughter of a member shared her very first quilt block that she had made by herself.  It was so delightful to be able to encourage her as a quilter, and she was so proud of herself and her work.  After our meeting, we eat lunch together and then have a sew-in for the afternoon. Some members travel quite a ways to attend, so our meeting is an all-day affair.
I also belong to a group we call the Persian Pickles.  There are just seven of us, but we have met together one evening a month for years to eat, visit, and quilt. Sometimes we each work on our own projects, but most times we choose a project so that we're all working on the same pattern but using our own fabrics.
Are you in a guild or quilting group?  Inquiring minds want to know!  
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  1. I belong to "The Tokyo International Quilters" but sadly, that group is getting smaller and smaller. There still is a small core group but some members have decided they do not like other members and won't come if that person is going to show up. I suspect one of those doesn't like me as well because once I said something that was taken in a way I did not intend. I really am sorry but that woman holds grudges forever. It would be fun to start up a new group.

  2. I'm in 2 quilt guilds, and, also in Quilts of Valor and Thursday sew-in groups. Fun!


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