Sunday, December 22, 2013

Shooting Star Quilt Block and a Song for Sunday

Go Tell It on the Mountain
Go tell it on the mountain,
Over the hills and everywhere;
Go tell it on the mountain
That Jesus Christ is born.
While shepherds kept their watching
O'er silent flocks by night,
Behold, throughout the heavens
There shone a holy light.
The shepherds feared and trembled
When, lo! above the earth
Rang out the angel chorus
That hailed our Savior's birth.
Down in a lowly manger
The humble Christ was born
And God sent us salvation
That blessed Christmas morn.
- an African American spiritual compiled by John Wesley Work, Jr. dating back to at least 1865
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  1. I love this block. Is it an original?

    1. Janet, the pattern is part of Sylvia's Bridal Quilt from the Elm Creek Quilt series of books by Jennifer Chiaverini.

  2. We sang this song in church this morning. It's a beautiful bock, too.

  3. What a great block! I could see this, just the one block, as a mini hanging over a nativity scene.

  4. I think I would like to see that block made in multiples and rotated.

  5. I made this block for my part in our local groups banner.
    It was done before I joined here & I don't think I have a photo of it.
    I also have the book it came from.
    I paper pieced it as well


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