Friday, December 20, 2013

Lost and Found Quilt Block and Losing the Christmas Star in The Christmas Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini

Lost and Found Quilt Block
Do you love to quilt AND love to read?  I invite you to join the free, online Quilters' Book Club.  Each month, we read a book, discuss it through comments on my blog posts, and then make a quilt block to go with the book.  I find the patterns free on the internet, making it easy for everyone to access.  Each member can choose the block or blocks they'd like to make.

To join, become a follower of my blog so you won't miss any blog post.  To make it super convenient, you can also sign up for my posts to be delivered right to you via email.  It is never too late to join and begin reading and sewing along with us.     

Our book to read and discuss during December 2013 is The Christmas Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini.  It's a quick, fun read.  Get the book from your local library or bookstore and join us! 

In the book, the Christmas star that ALWAYS goes on top of the Bergstrom tree ends up missing.  If you'd like to make a quilt block to go with this event in the book, here are some free patterns to get you started: 

12" Christmas Rising Star Quilt Block

10" Christmas Star Quilt Block shown below

20" Christmas Star Quilt Block

16" Star of Bethlehem Quilt Block

What do you place on top of your Christmas tree?  Inquiring minds want to know!  Please answer in the comment section below.  If you're reading this via e-mail, you must click on the title of the blog post in order to comment or to read the comments of others.  By commenting, you are entering your name in this month's give-away.  Plume Books has generously offered a December give-away of two more copies of Jennifer Chiaverini's just-released book, An Elm Creek Quilts Companion.

The Quilters' Book Club selection for January is The Healing Quilt by Lauraine Snelling.  Get the book from your local library or bookstore and plan to join us!
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  1. Our tree doesn't have something on the top. I guess we've never really had anything special to put there.

  2. Our tree has a gorgeous angel on the top. She is rather large, and the tree is not big, so she is leaning over slightly. Try as I might, I could not straighten her up. Over the years I have had a star, then a small angel, and now the current one.
    Coincidentally, I went to the library during the week and borrowed two Elm Creek Quilts books - The New Year's Quilt which I am reading now, and The Winding Ways Quilt.

  3. Mine has changed from year to year. Sometimes a star with a light in it. Other years it was an angel. Now it will always be a bright star. A memory close to my heart

  4. Our tree has a kind of lacy star made of shaved wood, and under that, a small angel doll. My five-year-assistant is still too short to reach the top of the tree so I still have control.

  5. Many years ago I made a doll with a very wide skirt (small pieces of wood underneath). She is very carefully wrapped and brought out each year. Before that in the 60's we had another doll.

  6. I have a traditional angel that I place on top of my tree each year.

  7. I have an angel that my sister gave to me many years ago. She is made from that wide twisted paper ribbon that is often used to make bows for wreaths. Very simple, she is about 8 inches high; white with a gold wire halo. I love looking up to see her gazing down at all of us from above.


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