Saturday, December 7, 2013

December Redwork Snowman

December is the twelfth and final month of the Gregorian calendar and the first month of winter.  It gets its name from the Latin word “decem,” meaning “ten,” as December was the tenth and final month of the oldest Roman calendar.  The Saxons called it “winter-monat” or winter month, and “heligh-monat,” or holy month from the fact that Christmas fell within it.
December’s Waltz

Winter orchestrates the dance
In chilling winds and biting air.
Snowflakes whirl and skip and prance,
Waltzing wildly without a care.
Bowing swiftly to their mates.
They turn and glide in perfect time.
Spinning on their magic skates,
Across the frozen fields they climb.
Lilting measures rise and fall
In time with flakes of white,
While all God’s creatures watch the ball,
Bedazzled by the sight.
When gradually the music dies,
There’s not a single sound
As small white dancers from the sky
Take rest upon the ground.
by Ava M. Plover
What is your favorite part about December?  Inquiring minds want to know!  Answer in the comment section below.  If you are reading this via e-mail, you must click on the title to comment and to read the comments of others.
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  1. My favorite part about December is my mother's birthday and Christmas. Mother turns 94 on December 10th this year and I'm always thankful that she is still with us. I also love Christmas since it is the Lord's birthday but also because it gives me the chance to spread more cheer without a lot of people asking why. I love to do little things like drop coins on the floor of a store for children to find (a tradition my brother started with me) or to send a small stocking full of embroidered hugs to people that I know are having a hard time. Something to remind them that no matter how hard a time it is, they can pull out a hug and remember that somebody is thinking of them.

  2. I especially enjoy having the Christmas lights outside. It's very dark out here where I live, and the lights make me feel cozy.

  3. P.S. Your calendar quilts are all so cute! Are you planning to do another one in 2014?

  4. Decorating the tree with my granddaughter is something we both look forward to. The other is mochi pounding. The Japanese Scouts invite us every year on the Emperor's birthday, Dec. 23, to pound rice into sticky mochi. They fix a wonderful traditional soup and our scout families bring home-made Christmas cookies.

  5. I think at the moment for me is that it is the start of SUMMER.
    I can only hope for some warm weather so I can be outside a little more

  6. lovely quilt, just thankful we have no ice and snow

  7. Love the embroidery. December is my birthday month. I love snow, especially since I don't have to go out to work. The poinsettias are beautiful.


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