Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Stockings for New Family Members

I made Christmas stockings for the two newest members of our family:
Our grandpuppy Royer, who joined our family in December 2012
 And our very first grandson, who joined the family in May of 2013.
Can you tell which stocking is for which family member?
They will be added to the rest of the family's Christmas stockings hanging on the mantle.
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  1. Such cute stockings! Wow. Your mantle looks great with all those stockings. We are down to only three immediately family for me but it's great to see stockings are still hung for others. Now you just need to put the new additions IN the stockings . hehehe

  2. Gorgeous baby. Love all those stockings as well....:)

  3. Really cute: ) It's easy to tell which stocking belongs to which new member! I have new stockings for Mark and Haley, one so Mark can take his original with him when he has his own home, and one to hang here for Haley. Fun times.

  4. Adorable stockings and precious baby. Being a grandparent is the best!

  5. I don't think either of those new family members will be tall enough to reach the stockings by Christmas. It is a lovely tradition.

  6. Love them both - we have stockings for the dogs in our house too!

  7. How sweet the baby is & so is the pup


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