Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December Redwork Birdie Stitches

This block is part of the Birdie Stitches Block of the Month by Little Miss Shabby available free online here.  When I saw it, I knew it was the perfect project for me.  Instead of using several colors of embroidery thread, I chose to use just No. 8 perle cotton in red.  I have done redwork on a single layer of fabric, and the knots show through from the back. I've tried backing the fabric with very lightweight iron-on interfacing, but the interfacing wrinkled. This time I used a double layer of the Kona cotton. I ironed the layers together and used an embroidery hoop. I didn't baste the two layers together, but it has not been a problem. I've been very pleased with the results.
I have nearly finished the redwork portion of this quilt.  I still have the June block to make.  The design for June is very different than the other months (you can see it here) so I'm still up in the air about what I want to do.
I have really enjoyed having a little redwork project to work on each month.  This particular block of the month is not overwhelming yet gives me something to do if I'm watching a movie at home or sitting by the fireplace.
 December's Waltz
Winter orchestrates the dance
In chilling winds and biting air.            
Snowflakes whirl and skip and prance,
Waltzing wildly without a care.
Bowing swiftly to their mates.
They turn and glide in perfect time.
Spinning on their magic skates,
Across the frozen fields they climb.
Lilting measures rise and fall
In time with flakes of white,
While all God’s creatures watch the ball,
Bedazzled by the sight.
When gradually the music dies,
There’s not a single sound
As small white dancers from the sky
Take rest upon the ground.
by Ava M. Plover
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  1. Hmmm, I see what you mean about the June block. I would draft a different block, You could take drawings of those birds and dress them for a wedding ... just put a fancy veil on the girl bird and a ring in the boy bird's beak. Or make a kid bird waving good-bye to school. I'm sure your creative brain can come up with something good and those birds are not so hard to draw. It will make it your own too!


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