Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wild Rose Quilt Block and Plants Around Starwood

 Wild Rose Appliqued Quilt Block
Wild Roses are blooming around Starwood.
 The Spreading Dogbane has tiny, bell-shaped flowers.

 The little flowers have pink stripes inside.  A swallowtail is enjoying the nectar.

The Rocky Mountain Maples have hanging,
V-shaped pairs of 1" long, winged seeds. 
The Chokecherries have green fruit.

  And tiny acorns are beginning to grow on the Gambel's Oak (Scrub Oak) trees.

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  1. Lovely photos, and a beautiful block. I especially like the shot of the spreading dogbane and the swallowtail.

  2. Another beautiful block Susan! I keep having to pull growing acorns from around my tomato plants. The oaks start earlier here in Georgia with dropping them.

  3. Your block reminds me of the pattern on my Desert Rose dishes.

  4. Our wild roses tend to be all white. The pink ones are perfect for a block.

  5. Thanks for posting these beautiful pictures! We usually travel to Colorado every summer & this will be the 2nd summer that we will be unable to make the trip. I live in Texas but my heart always longs for Colorado! Love feeling closer through the pictures!


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