Friday, February 22, 2013

Dresden Plate Quilt Block - Quilting with The Pickles

Quilters' Book Club member June read and re-read The Persian Pickle Club to make a note of all of the quilt patterns mentioned in the book.  She plans to make a Persian Pickle Club Sampler Quilt.  Here are the patterns she found:

Grandmother's Flower Garden*
Rocky Road to Kansas*
Celebrity Quilt*
Nine Patch
Wandering Foot (also known as Turkey Tracks)*
Peony (the pattern Zepha called Piney)*
Road to California*
Crazy Patch
Drunkard's Path*
Whig's Defeat
Dresden Plate* shown above
Remembrance Quilt
Christian Cross*
Double Axe Head (also known as Friendship Forever and Apple Core)*

Several years ago, each member of my quilting group made an Egg Money Quilt as a block of the month.  We each bought the book Egg Money Quilts: 1930's Vintage Samplers by Eleanor Burns and made one block each month, using Eleanor's unique techniques and methods.  (Your local library may have this book.) 

I put a star behind each of the above patterns that are found in the book.  On the Quilt in a Day website, you can click on free videos of Eleanor making several of the quilt blocks.  She also gives interesting information on quiltmaking in the 1930's:  

Eleanor's book and the videos really go perfectly with The Persian Pickle Club, don't they?  And thank you so much to June for researching all of the quilt patterns mentioned in the book!

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  1. I wonder how many people who wore those feed sacks made into clothing can get all nostalgic about that fabric. I saw some being sold at the Tokyo Dome show but did not buy any. The video was very interesting but I don't think that is my style of sewing... after all, I can get the same effect without all those fancy measuring and cutting tools. With June's help, it won't be hard to pick out a block.

    1. Eleanor Burns opened up the world of quilting to so many people who were hesitant to quilt because they thought it was too difficult. But that's one thing I really love about quilting. There are people who like to use all sorts of measuring and cutting tools. There are others who like to do everything by hand. There are some quilters who love to paper piece. Others use the rotary cutter and rulers while others use templates. There are all different methods of quilting and styles of quilts. But we can all learn from each other and appreciate each other's work.

  2. Yes, I discovered the Eleanor Burns book had most of the patterns, also. I was very pleased to discover that book (right on my shelf), and she had done all the work for me! Also, in the Persian Pickle book, the name "Quilter's Choice" was capitalized so I am assuming it is the illusive 15th block. Has anyone ever heard of a block by that name? Maybe we are given our choice for that block? I have found that the reasearch was more pleasing to me than the thought of starting another Sampler quilt at this time. Maybe later?!...

    1. It seems to me that in the book, Quilter's Choice was a meeting in which no one had a quilt that was ready to be quilted, so people got to choose what they wanted to work on. I could be wrong.

      And June, we are so grateful that you took the time to do this research! Thanks again!

  3. I learned to quilt from Eleanor's the sunflower...have made
    a dresden plate before and enjoyed it.....I have purchased 3 different
    fabrics and will choose one block for each book (that would look good made out of 2 or 3 fabrics) and make them as I read
    each book....that way it won't take a lot of time each month ( have several other projects in the needed for a wedding end of this should work out great
    This project was a gret idea...meets the needs of those who love to read and love to quilt.


    1. Eleanor was the first one to introduce me to rulers and rotary cutters. My mom and I once made a king-sized Trip Around the World together in a day using her methods.

      I'm so excited about bringing together people who love to both read and quilt! Thanks for being part of the Quilters' Book Club, Peg.

  4. I consider myself a fairly new quilter. I have learned somethings from books, television shows, and my favorite is email lists. I had to say, there are times that I do things because I don't know what to do. Later, I find that I may not have done it the "preferred" way, but it is nice to know there are other methods out there.

    If I could afford it, my sewing room would have all the gadgets possible. Unfortunately, I have not won the lottery yet. :)

  5. Ohhh..never saw a dresden plate done in one color like that. Only seen them in scrappy. Love it and it looks like a cool is that!!

  6. Love the yellows in this block Susan, it is beautiful.


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