Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hearth and Home Quilt Block

     I found the pattern for this 10" Hearth and Home block on-line at:   
     In these diary entries, Hattie writes about preparations to celebrate her 21st birthday.  Ruth and Mary are two of her older sisters living in Washington state.  Mary has just had an operation.  George is one of her younger brothers.  Frank is the man she is dating, and Fannie and Betty are his sisters.  Fern is a friend from high school days in Emporia, Kansas.  Rags is a horse!

Friday, September 29, 1916 -
"I crawled out of bed last night when Papa got home and nearly froze reading Ruth's letter.  It wasn't very warm all night.  But Ruth said Mary was getting along just fine.

"We had a heavy frost last night, and it has been real cold today, especially in the house.  We had it all open, sweeping.  But this afternoon, I washed my hair, and it was nice and warm on the south porch steps in the sun.

"Mother says she is going to have the lame turkey killed for me, and I'll celebrate on Sunday when Fern is here.  She also wants me to have Frank and Betty and Fannie over.  George brought up a watermelon this afternoon and is saving it for the occasion. 

"I have been prosaicly darning socks this evening down by the living room fire.  But it was real comfy.  Now I'm going to put on my bed slippers and see if I can keep warm tonight.  But they won't keep my nose warm."

Saturday, September 30, 1916 -  
"Fern didn't come, and I am terribly disappointed.  We had planned and fixed, and I had counted so on her coming that I felt just down-hearted when I met the train and no Fern.  Then I went to the post office and found a letter from her - the same old story - they are always too busy in school!

"But I have asked Fannie and Frank and Betty over for dinner tomorrow, so maybe we shall have some help in eating the turkey.  Mother did make two cakes, pumpkin and cranberry pies, a big kettle of dried apple jam, and bread and beans beside Grace fixing the turkey. 

"It has been a glorious day although quite cool.  I drove Rags to town today and enjoyed it.  Saw Alpha for the first time in weeks.

"I have been sitting out in front of the living room fire half asleep.  Papa just got home, so I'm going to bed."

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  1. My, that is an early frost! guess I have been away from the states too long. It sounds like a big feast is in store.

  2. One of my all time favorites of your blocks!! Lovely red! Home is the best! Loved the hairpin block too. Sorry, Fern couldn't come!

  3. oh i just love this block! poor hattie sure seems to have alot of disappointments lately. i hope things get better for her


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