Friday, June 21, 2013

Events in The Lover's Knot by Clare O'Donohue

Lover's Knot Quilt Block

For the month of June, the Quilters' Book Club is reading and discussing The Lover's Knot by Clare O'Donohue.  It's the first book in her Someday Quilts Mystery Series. 

Some of us are also creating a quilt block to go with each book that we're reading.  I've researched some free quilt patterns to go along with the events in this book:

Nell Receiving Her Wedding Quilt:

Another Lover's Knot Quilt Block

Meetings of the Friday Night Quilt Group:

Calico Spools Quilt Block

Spool Quilt Block


Murder of Handyman Marc Reed:
Nell and Chief of Police Jesse Dewalt Working to Solve the Mystery:
Mystery Quilt Block
Have you ever participated in making a mystery quilt?  in a murder mystery dinner?  played the board game Clue?  Inquiring minds want to know!  Please answer in the comment section below.  (If you are reading via email, click on the title at the top of the post so you can comment and read the comments of others.)  Remember, there is no right or wrong answer.  We'd just love to hear your ideas!

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  1. I never have, but have always wanted too!!!

  2. I remember playing Clue as a child, but haven't as an adult. I've done mystery quilt patterns, but not without knowing what the final pattern looked like (I do the same thing with "mystery" knitting patterns!) And I have never participated in a murder mystery dinner or mystery theater, but it sounds like fun!
    Already following with bloglovin'! :D

  3. I played clue but usually didn't have a clue to who did it. LOL. I have "collected" a couple of mystery quilts. That means that I saved all the clues until the end so I could see the pattern and finished pieces to decided if I wanted to do them or not. What can I say....I read the back of the book before starting the front too. I like to know the endings.

  4. I just got the book yesterday from the library and am now on page 110. I can't wait to find out whodunit.

    To the questions: Yes on mystery quilt and the game Clue. Have made 5 mysteries as mysteries and other mystery quilts I waited until the final reveal to make sure the fabric requirements were correct after the wrong information was given on the first two I did.

  5. I've played Clue and other similar games, but I've never done a mystery quilt. Since retirement, I finally have time for blogs/quilts/projects, so I hope find a mystery project somewhere.

  6. I have just signed up for my first mystery quilt with Lynette Anderson, it is a button BOM and the first of nine blocks was relaesed this month. As a child my favourite board game was Cludeo. I have also been to a couple of murder/mystery dinner parties which are great fun, but a weekend murder/mystery holiday is on my bucket list.

    1. I love Lynette Anderson's patterns, this BOM sounds like fun.

  7. I've never done a mystery quilt. I've downloaded the clues and looked at the final result. Someday I may get brave enough to choose fabric without knowing what it is for! I've played many games of Clue, both as a child and with my own children. It's been a long time, though. Maybe we'll have to get the game out of hiding next time they are home.

  8. I've never done a mystery quilt or attended a mystery dinner. But I've written numerous sci-fi/mystery novels back in the 90s which are still pretty popular today. A mystery quilt sounds like a lot of fun, now that I've just about finished my first quilt (a Jelly Roll Race quilt). Have a great day!

  9. I loved playing Clue when I was younger. I think going to a mystery dinner or weekend would be fun. I haven't done a mystery quilt yet either. Thanks! vickise at gmail dot com

  10. I played Clue as a child and maybe when boys were young; they're in their 40's now. I have done several mystery quilts. It is fun to see how it turns out. Don't have a desire to do a mystery dinner or weekend, as I don't like to be scared--boo as a surprise spooks me out!I don't go into dark rooms!!

  11. I have to confess that we are Trekkies & we hosted a Star Trek mystery evening many years ago. Was lots of fun & everyone came dressed for the occasion.

  12. I've attending mystery dinners in the 90s. I've done two mystery quilts. One I didn't like the finished quilt and the other I did. Go Figure.

  13. I've always wanted to attend a mystery dinner but have never had the chance. I played Clue ages ago. I've never actually participated in sewing a mystery quilt but I've enjoyed following several in magazines. Just wanted to let you know I'm loving all the blocks you have chosen to accompany the books we are reading. I just can't thank you enough for the research time you have spent bringing all this fun to us!!!

  14. Oh, we loved to play Clue! It was one of our family's favorite games, and I still have the different versions in my game closet. Clue, Master Detective was the last one we got. I haven't done a mystery quilt, but it sounds like fun.

  15. I can't do mystery quilts. I need to 'see' the quilt before I can make it. I don't follow directions well. I went to a neighbors murder mystery party many years ago. It was fun! I love Clue, but the game and the movie (I love all three alternate endings).

  16. I did a mystery quilt around seven+ years ago and found it so much fun! I have also participated in a mystery train ride with one of my closest friends and I LOVE/LOVE the game Clue. While at a second had store I found (and bought) an original Clue game and, would you believe, all the pieces were there!! Love the movie Clue too. Blessings and smiles, Emilou :-)


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