Sunday, June 2, 2013

Baby Car Seat Cover and More Burp Cloths from Cloth Diapers

I have been busy grandma sewing!  I made a baby car seat cover to shield my grandson from the sun, cold, and unwanted strangers..  I found the pattern free online here

I originally made ten burp cloths but discovered they were not enough; they quickly became multi-purpose cloths instead of just burp cloths.  So I made ten more of them.  This time, I didn't make any with the fabric going down the center because we want the absorbency that the thicker center of the cloth diaper provides.  I found ideas here and here.

It takes just a bit of fabric to dress up ordinary cloth diapers.  I had fun going through my stash to find fabrics.  And I visited my local quilt shop to get a bit of this wheel fabric.   

My son is a photographer, so I had fun using this camera fabric for one of the burp cloths.

The yellow fabric below reminds me of jacks!


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  1. Those are cute. I hopefully have a while before grandma stage.

  2. My second daughter was a champion burper and I caan see how those cloths would have come in handy.

  3. My son never spit up but I used the cloth diapers just in case for burp clothes and for things like drool. Nothing like a cloth diaper to wipe things up. That car seat cover is adorable too and such a great how it attaches to the handle.

  4. Beautiful car seat cover and burp clothes. I think car seat covers are wonderful. You are really being a wonderful grandma!

  5. It is important that the baby car seat is the right size! Don't save money when it comes to safety!

  6. THANKS for the link to the car cover!! I've seen these and always thought they'd make a personal baby shower gift!! Glad you rejuvenated this under our BOYS I'll be able to revisit your post easily.


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