Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hairpin Catcher Quilt Block

     I was really delighted to find this 8" block by the name of Hairpin Catcher in the book 5,500 Quilt Block Designs by Magie Malone.  Who knew there was a quilt block with this name!    
     In these diary entries, the family is waiting to hear news about Mary, one of Hattie's older sisters living in Washington state, who has recently had surgery.  Hattie also remembers her Mamma's birthday on the 26th.  Alberta Emily Young Woodbury, Hattie's Mamma, died over three years ago at the age of 46. 
Monday, September 25, 1916 -
"I am writing this entry on Tuesday because I was so sick last night, Mother made me pile right into bed about 8:30.  I had felt sort of bum all afternoon and evening but lay around most of the time and sewed a little and helped with supper some.  But just as I came up stairs, I got so sick at my stomach that Mother gave me some brandy and put me to bed."

Tuesday, September 26, 1916 -
"I didn't get up this morning until breakfast was all over and the children had gone to school.  Grace was washing, but I didn't help with it any.  I felt sort of weak all morning, but my wisdom tooth was hurting me so I decided to go to town with Grace this afternoon and make a call on Dr. Jones.  He treated it and found another cavity to fill.  

"It surely has been windy today.  It was all I could do to hold my dress down in town, but luckily there were not many onlookers - dead as ever, if not more so.  I couldn't even find any of my kind of hairpins in town and had to get some dark ones.  

"We are anxious to get more word from Mary and probably will tomorrow.  This is Dear Mamma's birthday.  And just to think that she would have only been fifty years old!"  

Thursday, September 28, 1916 -
"It is quite chilly tonight and so clear that we are sure to have frost.  It has been really cool all day, but I kept sufficiently warm this morning as I made a couple of lemon pies for dinner and was in the kitchen most of the morning.  

"Papa went to Emporia today - Jesse Lovell played the part of jitney driver.  Then this afternoon, Mother and I went to town.  We went up to see Minerva a little while.  Then Mother went to the train; I stopped to see Mrs. McCauley about a League social.

"I wrote Fern Pyle today to come and spend the week-end with me.  I hope she can and that we shall have nice weather.  I received my invitation to the Jones-Traylor wedding today.  Now the next thing is some new clothes for the occasion.

"Papa has gone to town looking for word from Mary.  It is almost ten, but he  hasn't come yet.  I hope we learn good news from them soon."  

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  1. I have that block book too and now every time I see it on my shelf, I think of you going through looking for a link to connect your block to the story.

  2. Perfect block to match up with the diary entries!

    Love reading these little snippets of life from back then. Imagine what Hattie would think knowing her little journal is being read by people all over the world!


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